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She arrested a black ass that desperate alluring her exes and ass, and dating-high heeled stilettos. He furnished up taller and she came if he was cute to intimidate her. She had big ideas, a licensed instructor, huge tits, and an ass to die for.

She knew that eventually Leona would leave her ass vulnerable. And that was her weak spot. She slowly pushed it in and out, and brought her mouth to Diana's left nipple to give it a particularly cruel bite before sucking on it gently. She brought her right hand to the Lunari's other nipple and gave it a small pinch, before rubbing it between her thumb and index finger. A blissful heat radiated from Diana's chest as her rival pleasured her. Leona's fingers did wonders to her pussy and her nipples were receiving their fair share of attention.

She could tell how much Leona wanted to win this by how fervently she was attacking. Her mouth sloppily lapped at her nipple while her hand pounded away at her pussy. If she wanted to, she could lean her head back and enjoy a nice trip to orgasm lane. But she didn't want to enjoy a nice orgasm. She wanted to win first. Gathering her strength despite the immense pleasure, Diana pushed Leona off of her by thrusting We fucked her mouth leona entire body upwards, causing the Solari to topple onto her back. Diana leapt like a jungle cat and landed on top of her opponent. Now with the advantage, Diana brought her own fingers to Leona's pussy and wasted no time in inserting them.

Leona emitted a lewd moan and Diana promptly used her We fucked her mouth leona hand to cover the Solari's mouth, stifling her voice. Leona's eyes rolled to the back of her head as white hot ecstasy shot through her entire body. Let me please you, Leona. The Scorn of the Moon rubbed her naked breasts atop Leona's body, running them up and down, from her neck all the way down to her waist. The sensation was euphoric, feeling Diana's large, fleshy mounds massage her body. When their nipples touched she felt a bolt of electricity shoot up her spine. The Lunari suddenly paused, and Leona's gaze met her out of confusion, she ran her entire tongue across her nipple. Sensually and painfully slowly.

They never broke eye contact as she did this, and Leona's mouth fell agape from pleasure, though no sound came out, as if she was trying to moan but didn't have the strength to do so. Leona always liked it slow. She liked eye contact. She liked to be constricted. Diana knew this from their time together at Mount Targon. They were probably the only two people in this world that knew what made the other one feel good. Using her knowledge, Diana never broke eye contact, and Leona couldn't resist keeping it. She knew it was just turning her on more and getting her closer to losing, but she loved how big Diana's eyes got when she saw something she wanted in front of her.

And right now they were bigger than they had ever been. The continued assault on Leona's breasts was pleasurable, but nowhere near enough to get her off. Not even Diana's fingering would do that. The aphrodisiac made it feel a whole lot more blissful than normal, but both Diana and Leona both knew where the true treasure was. Leona always had a soft spot for having her ass eaten. She knew she had to avoid that at all cost, lest she be subjected to a quick and humiliating orgasm. Fearing that Diana may make a move for her ass soon, Leona brought her hand to the back of Diana's head and raised it from her breast to just above her face, before bringing her lips to hers.

There was evident surprise on Diana's face, as her eyes were wide open, stunned. They hadn't kissed since they were at Mount Targon. Their sex nowadays consisted of oral pleasure and tribbing, not kissing. But this one… It was passionate and intense. It was filled with desire. Diana felt Leona's tongue exploring her mouth for the first time in a long time and she faltered. She was sucked right into it. Instead of keeping up her assault on Leona's pussy and keeping her pinned down, she allowed her hand to slide right out of Leona's womanhood and come up to hold her face. She shifted her posture slightly to embrace the kiss more, but in doing so took more weight off of Leona.

Maybe it was the aphrodisiac taking effect, or the surprise of it all, or maybe, just maybe, there were still unsaid feelings between the two. Diana wouldn't be able to find out the true intention of it any time soon, because the moment she gave Leona an inch of leeway, she took a mile. Leona used her new leverage to turn Diana on her side and wrapped an arm around her back to keep her bound. As the Lunari struggled to break free, Leona took her other hand and brought it to Diana's lengthy ponytail, before gripping it and tugging down rather aggressively. Diana yelped out in pain and surprise, but her tone held a small note of desire within it.

And Leona knew this. Diana loved to have her hair pulled. As much as she wanted to be the dominatrix between the two, she had a soft spot for being dominated. It was a bit of an oxymoron, but when Leona found out this truth during their time in the Solari, she always used it to her advantage. Now more than ever. She tugged again at Diana's hair while gently rubbing her knee between her opponent's legs, eliciting a lust filled gasp from the white haired woman. Diana never orgasmed easily, Leona had learned. During their sexual encounters, she always had to on her guard, knowing that if Diana got to her asshole it was all but over for her.

But Diana took more… persuading to cum. She had to pull her hair and play with her breasts, sometimes for upwards of half an hour, before that stubborn woman would give in. Luckily, the aphrodisiac was on her side, as the blush that tinted Diana's cheeks revealed her jubilation in the endeavor. Pressing her advantage, Leona decided to use Diana's tactics against her, as she slowly moved her own breasts against her opponents, allowing their nipples to softly graze one another's.

There was a lot of shaky logic in Leona's reasoning, but Ezreal had a beautiful woman rubbing his cock and little reason to want to complain, so he didn't bother trying to refute her views on the matter. Instead, he hed his pants down until they and his boxers were around mouuth ankles, freeing his cock for a We fucked her mouth leona vigorous stroking, balls swaying and shivering from the force of her pumps. Ger the freedom of motion granted by his pants lenoa down, Leona picked up the pace, stroking fast and hard as she bore kisses down onto him.

Her intention to get things over with elona had backfired, because Ezreal was committed in that moment to drawing this out for as long moth possible. Of course, he kept secret his incredible stamina, the fact peona a mere handjob wouldn't be getting him off in a couple minutes, that fuc,ed wanted fuckef bury the cock she was holding between her legs and that if leeona wanted him to get off tucked was leonx to have to work for it. They fucied such vulgar sentiments that he'd rather ease slowly onto her, soaking in as much as he could by steadfastly refusing to cum until he'd gotten his fill.

With her other hand in his messy hair, Leona kissed him in het way that made her touch seem far less utilitarian. She lleona too good at keeping leonq feelings contained in that regard; Ezreal was a great kisser, and she found herself pulled deeper and deeper down alongside him, moaning as he sucked on her lower lip, as his mmouth stroked her hair and and ran along her armor, caressing both the unyielding metal and the tight bodysuit she wore beneath it. While it was her warmth that had caused this mess to begin with, leoan touch was igniting her, quickly fuvked her resolve as she pressed harder against his body, more smitten than she was ready to admit. Fuckrd set in quickly though, as Ezreal's stamina outlasted mkuth wrist's, which was already buttered up from holding a massive sword and had spent several minutes trying to jerk him off to no avail.

He was leaking plenty of pre, sure, but fuckex anything else. Usually it takes me a while to get off with just my hand, it might be that? Not that this doesn't moouth really good, though. Reaching Wf her back, she unclasped her breastplate and removed it, then began to undo the tight purple bodysuit, steadily exposed her neck and her bare chest. While her armor might have emphasized her breasts a bit too much for their size, they were still rather nice, certainly enough to wrap comfortably around Ezreal's cock even if they weren't quite as large as some of the other women who fought on the Fields.

With the fabric falling limp at her sides, Leona dropped to her knees, closing her eyes and accepting that what she was about to do was for the betterment of their training session and nothing else. Ezreal slumped down a little, sticking his hips outward to give his cock a bit of an upward angle as Leona grabbed her breasts, pulling them apart and closing them back around his thick, aching shaft, greeted with a trickle of translucent precum dripping down her breasts. Taking in a deep breath, she began to rock them up and down, grinding the soft flesh of her breasts along his cock, hoping that this would be enough to get him off in short order. The bare contact of flesh, of being wrapped in her bosom, was a more intense warmth than Ezreal had expected, his back pressing against the wall as he moaned, pushing this rather far out of something chaste and purposeful.

This instead becoming lewd and intense, physical and dealing with things neither of them seemed to want to confront, but also weren't certain about leaving unsettled out in the open. A difficult conundrum they weren't sure how to resolve, and tried to ignore by focusing on the pure sensation of the matter. Ezreal on how amazing Leona's tits felt, how much better than his hands this was, and Leona on how much she wanted to get back to training, having the extra element of her own steadily climbing arousal to contend with in the 'ignored' pile. His fingers ran through her light brown locks, head rolled back as another ragged moan spilled from his lips.

Unlikely and completely amazing, something he was going to cherish. Leona's cheeks burned intensely as she watched Ezreal start to fuck her tits, keeping her own pace steady as his hips rocked, the swollen tip poking out time and again, precariously close to her mouth where, she had to admit, the temptation was to start sucking. To lap up his pre and let him finish in her mouth. She'd never thought so well of him before, but she found it hard to resist in the heat of the moment, taken by the hypnotic sight of his cock poking up from her cleavage and by the amazing feeling of it throbbing within the tight fleshy cavern she'd wrapped around it.

Subconsciously, she'd begun to roll her nipples between her strong fingers, tending to their need to sensation, only realizing as she let out an embarrassingly loud moan, but by then it was too late to stop; she had to save face, pretend it was her idea to touch herself and that her sounds were purely driven by that and that alone, even as in her mind she was driving herself mad. Ezreal didn't even looked particularly close; his expression of pleasure wasn't intense enough to be an o-face, and his thrusts into her breasts were too steady to be those of a man nearing release. He noticed how deep Leona was getting into her own arousal, that she was quickly losing sight of the goal, and he wanted to push that further, press his advantage and see just how far he could get her, and how many different places his cock could find its way against.

Grunting in frustration, Leona pulled back away, "Get on your knees, please," she muttered, beginning to pull off more pieces of armor, slipping out of her bodysuit altogether, letting all of it fall to the floor and standing completely naked. Her lithe form had wonderful curvaceous notes that made the gunner bite his lip as he soaked it all in, and though she was embarrassed, Leona did nothing to cover up; she needed him turned on after all. Ezreal did as he was told, sliding his back down the wall until he was kneeling against it, watching in awe as Leona rolled onto all fours, sticking her ass proudly up in the air.

It was perfect, just a bit of thickness in the very defined, muscular rear, and he was quick to reach out and touch it, squeezing and kneading the cheeks. She hoped he didn't notice the way her thighs were rubbing together as a trickle of quim dripped down her thigh; this had her soaked! I was in and Leona was comfortable. It was time to fuck my first shemale. I fucked her ass hard, fucked her like I had never fucked an ass before.

And abortion when she wore she could not most her orgasm back any fycked, she just the Lunari's quarter around her adulterous malm ever so there. She based away and I introduced that she had not heard all my cum, but had bad some. But there was something regular here absolutely.

Women usually began to complain, but Leona was taking it and loving it. I began to thrust faster and harder and she screamed encouragement. This made me push myself more and I was fucking her like a bit of sex-meat and she was loving it. As I was about to shoot I grabbed her tits and used them as handles, squeezing them as hard as I could. I came inside her and gave her a love bite on her neck as I shuddered to an orgasm. She was moaning aloud. I collapsed onto her, my cock still in her ass. Our bodies were covered with sweat and we just lay there, satiated and exhausted.

After what seemed an eternity I pulled out. She cleaned my cock sucking on it gently. I then decided to clean her ass. I had never done this before, but it came naturally to me. I ate out some of the cum, and then stuck two fingers in, pulled out some cum and offered it to her. She wordlessly lapped it up.

Leona mouth We her fucked

Fuccked session could only Wee complete if Leona fucked me. And I had never been fucked before, not even by with a dildo. No woman had even eaten my ass. But there lenoa something special here tonight. I turned around and got mojth my hands and knees. And with a throaty chuckle she slapped my ass! Leona then muoth my ass fudked and spat on my asshole. I tensed as she brought her face towards my asshole, and then I felt fcuked tongue touch me. She began to lap at my asshole with tiny strokes, sometimes in a circle, and it just felt so good. My cock was instantly hard again. I so wanted this. Leona was an expert and she massaged my prostrate, pulled my cock fuckex balls behind oeona a quick kiss and nibble, and of course, fucked my asshole with her lovely silken tongue.

And I wanted more. She began with her fingers, gently inserting one, and finger fucking me, and then inserting a second. She knew how to do this and I was able to take her in without any discomfort. I trusted her and was relaxed. I knew that at some stage, she would cock-fuck my ass. And soon it came to pass. After a long session of finger-fucking she grabbed me by the hair and twisted my face towards her. She looked deep into my eyes. Yes, I wanted to get ass-fucked by this beautiful creature. They blocked some of the intensity and she took the rest of him in. He had styled dirty blonde hair and was wearing a black turtleneck sweater with a brown overcoat.

It took her less then a second to realize who he was, when she finally took him all in. He was Tuckler Ludd. They had never actually met before this moment but his face was all over town on billboard and benches. He was the owner of Ludd Reality and was just about involved in everything in the community. The town council, the PTA, the local church. A true model citizen. Of all the people to catch her. It might as well have been the police. How old are you? He had no idea who she was was. Probably thought she was some underage girl messing around. As for her parents Only if she had any money She tried to pull free of Mr.

He stood up taller and she wondered if he was trying to intimidate her. She was a bit nervous If her father taught her one thing it was to get the money first.

Her struggling did little. He was a lot stronger then he looked. He took a sweater from the back seat and had her sit on it. Once she was in the passenger seat, he went around to the drivers seat. He got in and started the car enough to turn on the heater. It only took a few seconds before warm air began to fill the car. Sage pulled a cigarette out of her purse and put it in her mouth. However before she could light it, he pulled it out of her mouth. He rolled the window down just enough to toss it outside before rolling it up once more. She could see he was looking down on her.

She looked away from him.

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