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Your Star Wars Action Figures Could Be Worth Thousands: Here’s How to Sell Them

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Screenshot from iPhone SE Specific Cardback Display When price guide results contain only a single cardback then the pricing tile will also display Star Wars Tracker stock images for illustration. This can be helpful to see variation details between all the available results, and confirm your selection if you are unsure of the cardback numbering system. A niche area, but one that is often misunderstood in terms of valuable coins. Some coins were only available as random mail away with the recipient having no choice in the one they received. Star Wars Tracker has historical sales data from which is essential to understand the value of certain coins that may only go for public sale a couple of times a year!

You can follow the external link to the original source of the sale, and knock out individual prices from the results to further refine the results. Screenshot from iPhone SE Accessories Search Star Wars Tracker provides dedicated price guides for remaining areas of collecting under the general category of accessories. Choosing this from the main page will give you options of vehicles, playsets, creatures, mini-rigs, diecast, 12 inch figures and micro. Screenshot from iPhone SE Various Categories Simply change the price guide by choosing a different category from the drop down list. Shown here are the various playsets.

That is a huge difference from other collectible price guides or books, which are 'pie in the sky' attempts to keep collectors excited about their hobby. But, short of taking a vacation from your daily life and becoming a full-time trader, to sell your collection piece by piece, you can forget receiving anything like those prices. Who has the time, or the freedom, to piece out their vintage Star Wars toys to achieve the retail prices published in most Star Wars price guide publications? Do you want to be describing, photographing, listing, collecting payments, packing, and shipping individual toys for weeks or months to get your money, a few bucks at a time?

Finding a collector to buy everything at once is almost impossible.

So, a professional then? But you face a major problem. We recommend passing down or donating your loose toys so they can be enjoyed by others. What does C-9 mean?

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C-9 is part of our scale to determine the condition of items. The "C" stands for condition, and the number corresponds to the quality of the item on a scale of 1 to For instance, 10 is excellent and 1 is extremely Poor condition. Our buylist reflects the prices we are paying for C-9 condition items. The price we pay for your item will adjust if the condition quality is higher or lower than a C Do I have to create a list?

Star price Vintage guide wars

Cards that are torn, stained, bent etc are less desirable. These are called prie and command a premium. Collectors today preserve figures in various ways. Many place figures in special acrylic cases. Some use softer plastic cases often called "Star Cases" named after the manufacturer or clam shells.

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