Triple assessment breast cancer

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The Triple Assessment

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A review vancer your medical history and a clinical breast examination. Clinical Assessment Assessing your risk factors and examining your breasts Your breast cnacer will ask about your personal and family history of breast cancer, previous medical history and about any symptoms you may asessment experiencing. They will then perform a clinical breast examination. This cancet a thorough physical examination of the whole breast area, including both breasts, nipples, armpits and up to the collarbone. A screening mammogram is a low dose X-ray of your breasts, that can detect breast cancer at an early stage before it can be felt or noticed.

Received Sep 10; Accepted Oct Abstract Background Although the diagnosis of breast cancer is suggested on clinical examination, the degree of suspicion is variable. Currently a combination of three tests, i. The triple assessment is taken as positive if any of the three components is positive and negative only if all of its components are negative for malignancy. A total of patients with a breast lump were selected irrespective of age.

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A detailed history, focused clinical examination, radiological imaging and fine-needle aspiration cytology FNAC were used as diagnostic tools for screening of the patients. To help gain a clear image of the breast, some lubricating gel will be spread over the area of your breast to be imaged and the sonographer will use a hand-held scanning probe called a transducer which will be moved over the breast to look at the underlying breast tissue. Regardless of age, an ultrasound scan will usually be done in addition to mammograms.

An ultrasound scan does not provide the same information as a mammogram image. Both are often used in conjunction as they provide different information. Unlike a mammogram, it does not involve any radiation exposure. When you have a breast MRI, you will lie on a bed face down. You will go through a tunnel as the images are taken. Your breasts hang into special devices called breast coils, which improve the quality of the images. Your breasts are not compressed during an MRI as they are in a mammogram. Hundreds of images are taken very quickly, and are stored in a computer for later analysis. It normally takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the scan.

Usually an injection is given into a vein in your arm, and images are taken before and after the injection.

Trile This injection helps to highlight blood flow in the breast. This helps the radiologist decide if a change in the breast is cancerous or not. Magnetic resonance imaging is not recommended as a diagnostic test in women at average risk. There is however, an increasing level of awareness of breast MRI among women presenting to their general practitioners and also to specialists with breast symptoms.

Breast cancer assessment Triple

It needs to be reinforced that in the context of the investigation and diagnosis of breast symptoms, MRI should be used only very selectively, in assessmenr problem solving capacity. The cost of breast MRI is only covered by Medicare for screening women at potentially high risk of breast cancer by virtue of a strong family history, and there are very strict eligibility criteria about who can qualify for a Medicare rebate. There is currently no Medicare rebate for breast MRI used for women with breast symptoms. Practice Tips Under age 35 Ultrasound is recommended as the first imaging modality.

Ultrasound is an acceptable initial investigation if: If assessmenf ultrasound does not confirm a typical cyst, further investigation including mammography must be performed. Ultrasound should also be used in addition to mammography: Non Excisional Percutaneous Biopsy Both fine needle aspiration FNA cytology and core biopsy have been shown to have high specificity and sensitivity when used for palpable and impalpable lesions. In a fine needle aspiration biopsy FNA TTriple, a small sample of cells is drawn by a thin needle from the lump or area of breast change.

This can be uncomfortable but rarely requires local anaesthetic. If the lump cannot be easily felt, ultrasound or mammography will be used to help the doctor guide the needle into the right area of the breast. Triple Test was scored as benign or malignant based upon the combined results of two elements amongst three components. Out of these, 11 cases were malignant and 5 were benign. In 4 cases, the components of the triple test were suspicious i. In current study, suspicious cases were taken as malignant. It is of note that in 2 cases where FNAC gave FN results, the other two components were either suspicious or malignant.

In those cases where two variables were malignant, FNAC and mammography were most accurate with no false positive or false negative. It was followed by physical examination and FNAC with 1 false negative and no false positive.

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