Teaching your teen to drive

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Driver Training On the Road Be sure to give your child advance warning on where to vrive, or what you want them to do. Have an agenda of what road skills to work on before each drive begins. Please Enter Your Zip: For example, you could practice left turns or maintaining proper distance. Join 1, Americans who searched DMV. Ask your teen to assess how he or she drove and what was learned. Additional Teen Driver Tips Don't forget to lead by example. Home, After the Driver Training Session Go over the entire session, explaining mistakes, but still accenting the positive. Convey that owning a drivers license is a privilege that cannot be taken lightly.

To help with the process, consider the following. If you sense tension with your teen, end the driving session. Consider quiet side streets, avoiding busy thoroughfares. Rather than deny it, though, it's best to accept and do your best to teach your child sound driving skills.

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When starting, limit the first few driving sessions to 15 to 20 minutes. And Teacing as your teen's driving confidence grows, gradually increase the sessions to 30 and then 40 minutes. Retract your instruction if it goes against what your teen was taught in drivers education.

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