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8 Hacks to Help Avoid Swamp Ass This Summer

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Ass Swomp

If you spend most of your day sitting, try to stand up and walk around for a few minutes whenever you can. Your body has two types of sweat glands: Botox was FDA-approved to fight sweating in and has grown steadily in popularity since then. Natural fabrics like cotton allow your skin to breathe and may be a good choice for everyday underwear. Gently pat the sweat away with the damp towel before drying the area with the remaining paper towels. Leather traps heat and the probability of you having sweat on your butt when you stand up is high. Besides, if someone says something to you about your swamp ass, chances are you will be able to hit them with a pit stain comeback.

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Whatever you call it, just know that it happens to the best of us. Carry a spare pair of underwear Photo courtesy aass lovisalindberg on weheartit. Your first line of defense for underarms is to apply an antiperspirant before going to bed — that gives the salt in the formula enough time to form a plug in sweat glands, stopping sweat the next day — and again in the morning if needed. But while it worked for Hunter, some doctors say the glands controlling butt and lower-back perspiration are too spread out — and numerous — to be treated effectively.

Or opt for a medicated body powder If your butt sweat is often accompanied by itching or pain, consider using a medicated body powder. Some people just happen to sweat more than others. The gel will likely hit the market within three to four years.

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