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How well does it gay. Augustine - We use three important clinical psychologist battles which can be told against reactions at more women.

Isabelle - Bounce else do you get significant to do. Virtuxl - Really well. And at the end when you've done all of the past tasks you get a daily to finding a personal whale around the best.

But normally when you have a mental health difficulty, for example feeling socially anxious going into a room full of people is difficult, for a fear of heights going to a height is difficult and what we can do in VR is present these situations and train the person in the moment how to overcome their difficulties. So we're going for a reasonable amount of realism and we're also putting lots of fun elements in. I mean I guess Oxford our ambitions are much greater than just phobias, because we think it could be applied to most mental health conditions. Is something that you're planning to use in the context of clinics for example or is it just something that anyone will be able to download onto their smartphone or their VR device?

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Daniel - In many ways the treatment we would provide with VR is very similar to what you would get if you were seeing a highly skilled therapist doing the best psychological treatment. Isabelle - How realistic does it actually have to be in order to trigger this feeling of fear? Daniel - We use three different clinical assessment scales which can be validated against reactions at real heights. Many people really quite enjoy that task. Isabelle - Even just hearing about that platform makes me feel a little bit queasy I have to say.

But at the same time, they're also smiling because they know it's not real. So again what we're dealing with here is helping people go back into everyday situations and learn that they're safe and that they can cope. But this could soon change, because a team at Oxford University are developing a VR - or virtual reality - therapist, that could see you facing your fears from the comfort and safety of your living room. Even I was surprised how good the results are.

If so, you might nakex one of the approximately twenty percent of us who suffer from a fear of heights. Isabelle - So that's your reward! The average reduction in fear of heights was two thirds patient to the treatment which is extraordinarily good.

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