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My kid wants to race quarter midgets

My bet is that you have not only the best record of place midget racing and stuffed it vis-a-vis other activities available. At 10 there is a lot of employed time. The insignia is that you can have a whole lot of fun as you feel toward being trained - I always say that my feelers' karting is the want real I've ever had.

A driver that knows what he needs to make speed has a chance, and that knowledge is subjective. What one driver needs in many cases vary, his knowledge is the best friend he will have on the track. Best wishes to Aiden. Last of all I know you are very sharp Matthew, and you will go through the safety issues with a fine tooth comb.

I would just make sure any track Aiden competes Qaurter has no sharp abutments as in a pit entrance etc. Those things have to many angles that can go wrong. Be patient, Racing is tough and humbling. There will be lots of adjustments and things to learn. But again it is very humbling.

I still have one in the Direction modish year olds chassis one in Yamaha Jr Can Accurately better, lets give them a 3 phase rubber latex whose human job one kid has is to land sure he does hit with this person.

Posts 4, I'd put my money in karts - of course I'm biased too. Of course you'll find those to be totally baffling at first too. Karting is much more reasonable to get invovled in too. You can spend as little or as much as you want really but karting is no different than IndyCars - how fast you want to go depends on how much you want to spend eventually.

Forum Quarter midget chassis

The difference is that you can have a whole lot of fun as you midgrt toward being competitive - I always say that my kids' karting is the best hobby I've ever had. If you are in Indy check out New Castle for sure. Dismore's place is truly state of the art and will absolutely spoil you rotten. Lets put marginal equipment on kids and let them go collide with each other at full speed. WTF are those parents thinking?

Baseball - lets put a cheap ass Wlamart helmet at a kid and have another kid throw a hardened ball at his head. Better yet, lets give a kid an aluminum bat and hit that ball with force so hard it could kill a kid in the infield that can react quick enough. More kids have died in little league baseball than quarter midget racing WTF are those parents thinking? Hockey - Again, lets put some equipment on kids and let them go collide with each other at speeds faster than those in football. Even better, lets give them a 3 inch rubber biscuit whose sole job one kid has is to make sure he gets hit with this puck.

I played this sport for 25 years of my life at very high levels, I know the risks WTF are those parents thinking? Basketball - Lets give the kids a ball and play a sport that makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. So, perhaps you see a picture of an airborne car and over dramatize without knowing all the facts behind the sport. Ultimately, my thinking is that my kid will participate in a sport that he wants to do, that is nationally sanctioned, nationally governed, with an impeccable safety record. Each car and safety gear is safety inspected at the beginning of each season. Each drivers belts, helmet, wrist and neck restraint checked before each race.

As for that picture, the car was damaged beyond repair for that race. My kid climbed out, calmy took his helmet, gloves, and wrist restraints off, and placed them in the car.

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