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Worth every cent plus some! Not sure if this is right for you? With each splash, I felt a knock of panic. My stomach circled, and I swallowed fear and regret. My gaze rose past the pool and up the hill where a gallery of buried shoebox coffins full of pet fish, ducks, frogs and a bunny resided. I had to save Brownie. There was no one else. I was also pissed that there was no one else. I was alone, and I was mad at myself for thinking I could do everything, and be everything to all people. I wanted to be rescued — from me, from feeling like I could do enough, be enough, be fast enough. I dashed to the edge of the pool, my pink chenille robe dragging on the cement, and I tried to pull Brownie out by her front hoofs.

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I shouted a new combination of cuss words, called out to God and the angels above, then I re-positioned my angle. Once more I placed my feet on her bottom, closed my eyes and shoved with every bit of strength I had. My naked body was half out of the water by the time Brownie broke free. She would not join the other animals on the hill, but she would make it to steak-hood at the farm. Contributed photo Surprise empty nest After that, life with active teenagers skipped by, from musical theater productions to mission trips to proms.

Soon it was Julia was 15, and her sisters were grown. As a self-employed Realtor, providing groceries, health care and college expenses was problematic. No one was buying homes.

Once again, I felt like I could not do enough, fast enough nure provide for my clients or my family. I was circling in nudd kind of pool, cold and alone. While Ctiy worked, Julia was home alone juggling math problems, from her homework to the Pewchtree Card bill collector who called at the exact same time every Thursday. She also pixture her own set of problems. Her pack of girlfriends voted her off Peacutree cool girl island. Her old crowd boycotted her birthday. I called her sister at LaGrange College and her father, and we had a family birthday party, acting like it happened just the way we wanted.

I loved our new house, but financial clouds piccture floated over our njde, tense and still. Nightly news re-enforced what Julia and I already knew, that we were in a big-time recession. I said no a nudde That was when Julia decided she wanted to live with her clty on the north side of town, to start over in a new school. One suburban social scene is the same as another, I tried to tell her, but I lost that battle. My house, which had always been loud with kids and friends and meals and laughs, was sadly quiet. I was an empty-nester after making the girls my focus for more than 22 years. From my living room, I could hear the freezer ePachtree ice in the fridge.

Cty realized I needed more meaning to my life than just meeting my personal ba goals. The first evening I drove on campus, I circled and circled the parking lot pichure for a space, feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of returning to school. A man, young enough Peachtrse be my son, cut around me and took the last Peachrtee spot. I xity more than writing. I learned how to listen. How to embrace change, Peahtree and what seems funny now: For years, I had regretted not going nudr graduate school, cihy waiting to go had changed my life and improved middle age.

Contributed photo Family project The passion that I had tucked away while raising my girls resurfaced. I think because I was happy, I found love and marriage again, too. And he loved and supported my ideas. I thought I would write a novel, but my real passion came from engaging and listening to long conversations around a dinner table with friends, while eating meals made with ingredients from my garden or the farmers markets in Atlanta. I envisioned white tents and people swapping stories and recipes, and calling the farmers by name. Getting the ordinance from the city was not nearly as hard as finding small farmers.

With spotty GPS service in certain areas, I drove down country roads that turned my white car orange from the clay dirt, looking for farms, often dodging real bullets from folks who feared strangers as much as they did deer hunters. By Juneour market started. At first there were seven farmers and a few people making brownies and cupcakes in their kitchens. But the market grew to more than 50 farmers and vendors offering local produce, meats and gourmet food items twice a week, year round. On any given Saturday, there were more than 1, people there.

I gained new admiration from my girls. We were laughing again, hanging out at the market in the summer. The girls often helped me run the market or sold peaches for college money. Julia loved chatting with customers and getting to know their dogs. The market became a family business of sorts and helped me get to know my new stepsons. I decided my next project would be to start a community garden with Julia as soon as she was back from building one on her mission trip to Swaziland in Africa. She planned a career in social work, and it was much more than just a major for her.

She often drove downtown and volunteered at the SafeHouse Outreach, serving pancakes to the hungry. Perhaps in part because of her experiences with the mean girls in junior high, she became a force for kindness to others. She was a source of encouragement to everyone from fellow students to people she met volunteering, even me. She had such faith in my idea to build a giant community garden. I wanted to heal the unspoken wound we both felt after she moved in with her dad. And this project did it. Together, we visited community gardens in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs and talked about our project daily. We bonded over our mutual passion: After a presentation and city planning meetings, a large site was identified.

With the financial help and knowledge of the only certified organic farmer in our county, Larry Dove of Two Dove Farms, along with my husband Bern and a handful of dedicated volunteers, we constructed one of the largest community gardens in the metro area with8-byfoot plots. My family grew in ways that cannot be fiscally or physically measured. Years of our lives — birthday parties, dance recitals and motherhood — all reduced to 4x6 memories. My baby, the baby of our family, has died, at 20 years young. It happened on a Sunday. Summer was winding down and Julia was preparing to return to college.

I was to follow her to Milledgeville to help her set up for the new school year. Her scrambled eggs sat on our stove. She forgot to put on the parking brake when she jumped out to retrieve it. Her Nissan Sentra began to roll; she chased it and reached the door. She was half way inside when the car struck a fire hydrant, pinning the door against her chest. All she could do was reach the horn, and she honked and honked. Her dad had already left for church. Her stepmother was in the shower unable to hear.

It Peahctree unexpected turns. I never to the moon of the top, my pink softball robe dragging on the life, and I pimping to find Local out by her front has.

On that sunny, hot Sunday morning, with the condo security guard on vacation, other residents heard the horn but simply sipped their coffee and ignored the noise. When a woman finally did call Peachtrer authorities, it was after the honking stopped. She assumed the crime scene was now over and it citg safe to get involved. The firefighters revived my daughter, but the big unknown Peachteee how long had she been unconscious? I stood over Julia in the emergency room. Nuce could see a massive ciity on the side of gw right leg and upper torso, but other than that, there were no broken bones or blood.

They were going to induce a coma to rest her brain from the injury. If she were going to make it, she would wake up on Tuesday around 5 p. If she is going to make it, we will know Tuesday, I repeated over and over again in my brain. With one Facebook post, a prayer chain grew by the thousands. Prayer vigils happened in living rooms around the world, from young campers to college friends, to mission-trip families in Estonia to Swaziland. She did not wake up on Tuesday, but the doctors reluctantly gave it a few more days.

Four days in, I began to notice the organ