Isis iq duo breast pump reviews

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No, this pump is not battery operated.

However, you should realize that most electrical pumps breaxt more efficiently when reviewd are plugged in, so most times, you will probably choose to plug your pump in, regardless of which pump you choose to buy. The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump has a double pumping option and unlimited puump settings and suction levels. Some women find this pump more efficient than leading, more expensive breast pumps due to the fact that you have complete control over how fast the pump pumps and can choose to make it go very fast or slow when that is what your body needs.

Other pumps may have pre-set suction and vacuum levels, but Avent recognizes that every woman is different and that each pumping session is different. The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump is considered to be an efficient pump due to the fact that it has a strong motor, is a double electric pump, and has special massage let-down cushions to aid in a faster and more efficient-let down.

Avent recognizes that every nursing mother has her own unique rhythm when it comes to nursing and pumping. Therefore, the pump has a one-touch memory control right at your Isos to help you stop, pmup, or adjust the speed and bfeast level without removing your hand from the pump. You choose and adjust Isix speed xuo suction level. The built-in electronic memory then learns from you and takes over the job. The pieces are very pmp to clean. I was also able to find an additional set fairly easily so that I could pump twice a day while at work without having to completely wash and sterilize the first set of pieces.

Each set consists of a funnel, a plastic cushion that fits next to the breast, a pliable plastic pump piece that allows the suction to occur and a valve. The valves do eventually wear out can be replaced very inexpensively. The DUO is very efficient, because it pumps both breasts at one time and it allows me to set the optimum pumping level for myself. I was able to completely pump both breasts an average output of about 14 ounces at a time in about 30 minutes from start to finish. This would include setting the pump up, pumping, sealing up the milk for storage, and rinsing off the used funnel pieces and repacking the pump. I have also found the DUO to be a lot quieter than other pumps.

Several of my friends have commented on how quickly and quietly the pump worked for me. By the time my second child came along we had decided to have me stay at home. I still wanted to have milk stored up for when I needed to be out or something happened to me.

The DUO is very informative, because it helps both years at one time and it seems me to set the running pumping level for myself. I am not connected that this is an abundance with the Avent restrict. That pump is cheaper, has recently more local and scheduled controls than other industrial pumps from other people, while not implying the comfortableness and sierra of use.

I was producing enough milk that my daughter would only eat from one breast at a time, leaving me to pump the other one. The DUO can also be pukp to pump just one breast by only hooking up a set of funnel pieces to the main controller lq leaving the other one alone. If I were to be traveling, the pump also comes with the pieces required to turn your funnel sets into a hand pump. This would allow me to easily pump a bottle in the car or other private location and then feed the bottle immediately to my child. The valve, handle, and suction piece all require different pieces for the hand pump so I simply left these in a bag inside my pump bag so that I would have them if I ever needed them in case the power was out or I was away from an electrical outlet.

The bag itself is a very discreet black bag. We accidently did this and the motor seized for 2 days.

Breast reviews pump duo iq Isis

The place I brought this from and Phillips is Melbourne were not helpful at all - luckily it just started working after 2 days like nothing had happened. It has been reliable and simple to use. However i do regret not getting the medela swing as having tried that it pumps faster and stronger and is the better pump in my opinion. Although if i had it again i would go a double pump for the time saving convenience. I found it really easy to use, and loved the fact that it remembered your pumping rhythm, but had very little luck in getting any milk out with it. I'd get an initial squirt and then nothing. I found myself attached to it for hours on end, feeling like an incredibly inefficient dairy cow.

A couple of weeks into using the pump, it began to make odd noises and then simply refused to work at all. In some ways this was a positive thing as I tried it on manual the manual handle came with it and within 5 minutes I had a full bottle of milk - much to my surprise. I couldn't take it back, as I had it from a friend who'd been given it some time before and had never used it, but at least part of it works, and I didn't have to pay much for it! So it's not something I use every day or several times a day. The pump is simple enough to put together and use.

It comes with the option to use it electronically either plugged into power or with batteries or manually. I like that you can set the speed you need it to pump manually and then set it so it takes over. I generally get a good amount of milk after pumping for minutes. I do notice a slight amount of leakage but this may be me not holding it firmly enough on my breast. It's simple to dismantle and clean. I bought it on sale at Big W so got it for a reasonable price. It's definitely not the most expensive pump out there, but not the cheapest either. It came with spare parts for the pump. Other Avent bottles screw into it though. Wasn't such a problem for me as I am pouring milk into storage bags to freeze but I can imagine it would be a problem if expressing more regularly and not just freezing.

It worked for her, but not for me. Overall, it is easy to use and easy to clean. Comes with the bottles, so you don't need to transfer the breastmilk to another container. Ever" Reviewed by boomits4 26 March Ive tried sooo many pumps over the last 6 years and 4 children. Hand expressing was the only thing that worked

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