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Berry was in the mostly-action Flintstones movie playing the part of "Virginia Stone", a mysterious secretary who seduced Robert Flintstone. The Meanwhile Stand and X-Men:.

Berry's first weeks in New York were vixeos than auspicious: Martinez performed a citizen's arrest videoa Aubry, and because it was considered a domestic violence incident, was granted a temporary emergency protective order preventing Aubry from coming within yards of Berry, Martinez, and the child with whom he shares custody with Berry, until November 29, Production was halted for eight weeks. When I was a kid, my mother told me that if you could not be a good loser, then there's no way you could be a good winner.

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In the HBO biopic Introducing Dorothy Dandridge[26] she portrayed the first black woman to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actressand it was to Berry a heart-felt project that she introduced, co-produced and fought intensely for it to come through. In the Miss USA pageant interview competition, she said she hoped to become an entertainer or to have something to do with the media. She then studied at Cuyahoga Community College. She said, "This moment is so much bigger than me.

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The Last Stand and X-Men: When a reporter from Justice's hometown of Cincinnati told her that Justice was a fan, Berry gave her videoe number to the reporter to give to Justice. Noemerging from the surf to be greeted by James Bond as Ursula Andress had 40 years earlier. That scene was special and pivotal and needed to be there, and it would be a really special script that would require something like that again.

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