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How Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

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The female sexual response cycle is incredibly fluid. A woman can go from arousal to orgasm and back again with many stops in between. His job is to provide what we normally think of as foreplay, but with an orgasm at the end.

Orgasms masturbation Double tips

Good manual or oral stimulation before intercourse is usually the route by which women achieve multiple orgasms. Just remember — and remind him, if necessary — that most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse, whether for the first, second or ninth time. If you think you can, you can. Finally, remember that multiple orgasms are the cherry on top of the sundae.

If you have them, great. How Sexually Adventurous Are You? Would you, could you in the dark? Would you, could you in a park? How 'bout in a car? Or in the restroom of a crowded bar? Some women prefer their sex straightforward and uncomplicated - missionary with the lights out suits them just fine.

Others, more daring in their escapades, aren't satisfied unless they're swinging from the ceiling. Just how sexually adventurous are you? Take our sex quiz to find out. Sign up for our Sexual Health Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! According to Masters and Johnson research that many females who are capable of achieving regular orgasm are also capable of achieving five to six full orgasms within a short period of time through oral stimulation of the clitoris. Even though most women are capable of achieving more than one orgasms but only a small percentage of women actually experience them.

This is because women who are in relationship with other women tend to masturbate more often.

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Women who are in relationship with men tend to experience only one orgasm during sexual interaction because men are more likely to stop nasturbation sexual activity after reaching orgasm and not likely to continue any masurbation sexual interaction. Every women experience orgasm differently from one another and they have different like and dislike. Some women prefer to have more than one orgasm during sexual activity, other prefers only one orgasm, and yet other prefers not to have any orgasm at all. Men are not capable of achieving more than one orgasm in a short period of time and this is because of the refractory period during which most men are not capable of returning to orgasm phase with further stimulation.

However in some cases some men are able to achieve more than one orgasm with or without ejaculation in a short period of time. Younger men are more likely to experience more than one orgasm than older men in a short period of time. Younger men have higher testosterone level and they can recover more quickly after initial orgasm and go on to experience another orgasm.

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