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It is a vertical surface piercing located at the mons Venus or the pubic mound. The mons Venus is a fatty pad on the pubic bone. It is right where the outer labia meet just above the clitoris. Why women like Christina piercing? Most women want this piercing for its aesthetic value and for sexual stimulation. Interestingly, Christina Aguillera herself had one diamond stud and was quoted in Nov. Actually, it can be very uncomfortable when pressure is applied during foreplay and intercourse. Who can get a Christina piercing?

Not everyone can have this kind of genital piercing.

A liner disc can be hhurt directly above the bottom seeking to fix the right in other. Generally, the gem ball is available directly over the tip of the clitoral chapter.

This is the reason for its high rejection rate. Some women may be advised by a piercer against having Christina piercing. To be considered for this procedure, a woman must have a solid skin fold in the genital lip area. This means that a meatier pubic mound. Christina piercing is also a good alternative choice for those with clitoral hood or inner labia that are too small for a vertical clitoral hood VCH or other types of female genital piercing. Most surface piercings can exert a lot of friction and pressure to the pierced area when wearing underwear and pants.

This will ensure vavina higher fagina rate for your Christina piercing. What does a Christina piercing look like? Aside from being erotic, a Christina piercing looks very stylish and beautiful on a woman. To get a good idea of how it looks, check out some Christina piercing pictures on Pinterest NSFW As a surface piercing, it goes through the pinched-up flesh area. Then, the gem ball is placed directly over the tip of the clitoral hood. A flat disc can be seen directly above the bottom ball to fix the jewelry in place.

The Christina piercing jewelry is called a Christina bar or an L-bar. It is an L-bend surface barbell on one side while another end is a straight decorative part that is facing out. A gem is added to this top end and visible on the closed outer labia for a more stunning look. Curved barbells must be at least 10 to 12g For initial piercings, captive bead rings are not advised. Titaniumgold, platinum, and palladium are the best choices for body jewelry. Once the piercing is totally healed, you can be more flexible with the type of metal you select for your piercings. Recommended Christina Piercing Jewelry Because Christina piercing is a vertical piercing of the skin, there are certain jewelry types perfect for it.

L-Bar A jewelry that is especially appropriate for this piercing is the L-Bar. How does it look? It is actually an L on one side and a straight post on the other side. As an added look, you can chose a gem placed to the top of the bar for a more stunning and sexy look. Curved Barbells Also known as banana barbells, curved barbells are commonly worn in many types of piercing including female genital piercing. They are quite similar to the straight barbell except that its body is shaped into a curve. It also comes with a ball. Curved barbells are available in different designs. Fashionable curved barbells are also sold with jeweled balls to make your piercing look beautiful.

Straight Barbells Straight barbells are probably the most ancient jewelry for piercing. There are varieties of designs to choose from. Your Christina piercing will surely look sexy with straight barbells that has fun, stylish and colorful designed balls. You can choose the ones that suit your personality. For this type of female genital piercing, the safest size recommended for the barbells must be 14g. Your professional piercer will recommend jewelry made from stainless steel, acrylic or Bioplast, titanium, gold and sterling silver. Stainless Steel Stainless steel jewelry is the most basic material for any kind of piercing.

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Why do people get vagina piercings? Of course, every individual could have a different reason but the most common reasons given by people who have them include having corporate jobs in which piercings are forbidden, so this is their way of still being able to be alternative. Other women get them when they leave controlling relationships pierciings a way of reclaiming their bodies by doing something their ex pifrcings forbidden. Still others get them because they claim that, after the healing process, they experience more sexual pleasure, and others just get them because of the aesthetic appeal. The reasons are as varied as the people who get them.

How many different types of vaginal piercings are there? There are more options than you might think. Vertical and horizontal piercings on the clitoris are the most popular choices, as well as the inner and outer labia. While this all boils down to personal pain threshold, piercers claim that many people come in prepared for the worst and find that it only really scores a three or four out of ten on the pain metre. Who would have thought? How long do they take to heal? It can take anywhere between three weeks to six months, sometimes longer, for the piercing to heal, depending on your body and how well you look after it.

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