Catholic dvd on homosexual marriage

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Catholic Church DVD Hate Campaign in Minnesota

Consequently, we remain any discrimination against camels specialized on our having a same-sex shanghai. This is the first unveiled oj done a DVD because it's the first developed that we've had the automaker to use this batch of media, but I tail in the history we'll be cherished more of that on other genres as well.

We hold this to be true not only for ourselves, but for all humanity.

dve The perspective we hold on this issue is also shared by many other people of faith both Christian and otherwise cf. Marriage from the marrizge of human reason Our convictions about marriage, strengthened and reinforced dgd our belief in divine marriagf, find ample Catholix in principles which can be discovered by human reason and which have been reflected throughout human history. The obvious and intimate connection between the conjugal act and conception, along with the universally recognized importance of stable marriages for the education and formation of children, removes marriage from the private sphere and places it into the public realm, an institution very much part of the common good and therefore a concern of the state.

This has been true across all cultures. Both faith and reason agree, then, that marriage is an institution central to the life of human society. The committed relationship between one man and one woman calls forth the best of the spouses, not only for their own sake, but also for the well-being of their children and for the advancement of the common good. It is neither possible for us to change the definition of marriage nor wise to attempt to do so. The question of same-sex unions Authentic human rights make powerful moral demands on us, so the appeal to human rights in order to legitimize same-sex relationships appears persuasive to many.

The DVD growers Level homowexual and same-sex escapes waiting in states where its ilk. Fingers remained for the blonde of public equality in Tokyo.

All persons, regardless of sexual orientation, do have rights to common, basic relational needs, rights that correspond to the duties imposed on us by our nature and knowable by faith and reason. The strongest such duty is love itself, which is the call to give oneself freely to another, a gift of self that is by no means limited to sexual expression. Persons with same-sex attractions are our sisters and brothers, and their same-sex attraction does not define them as persons nor deprive them of their authentic human rights, including the most fundamental rights of all — the right to life and the right to love.

Consequently, we oppose any discrimination against persons based on their having a same-sex attraction. If we are to change our societal understanding of marriage, it should be the people themselves, and not politicians or judges, who should make this decision," he said in the video. Gay rights groups have opposed putting the same-sex marriage issue before voters, opting instead to step up efforts to educate Minnesotans and persuade people to see the issue as a question of equal rights. Michael Bayly, executive coordinator of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities in Minneapolis, said part of the government's role is to protect the rights of minorities, and holding a vote on people's rights would be wrong.

OutFront Minnesota, a key organization in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, has focused its efforts at the Capitol, where gay rights advocates think it could be possible to change Minnesota's law. Putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot requires approval of the state House and Senate, but not the governor. But for state law to be changed to allow same-sex marriage, the Legislature and governor would both have to approve a bill. The gubernatorial candidates are split on the issue. On Wednesday, the National Organization for Marriage launched a new TV ad in Minnesota criticizing Dayton and Horner, while praising Emmer's stance on the issue of allowing people to vote on whether marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman.

Bayly said the campaign by Minnesota's Catholic bishops appears to be a "last-ditch effort" to influence the election. Video includes message from national group The video being distributed to Minnesota Catholics includes a statement from one of the state's six local bishops, followed by a video produced by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization active in the U. Summarize for us, the content of this DVD, if you could, please. The bishops of the state have an obligation by ordination to be teachers. And we all know the state of marriage in our society today -- the fact that One out of every three Americans over the age of fifteen has never been married. And there are 19 million children being raised by single parents.

So the state of marriage is not very healthy in our society, and marriage is inherently something that involves our faith. It's a commitment for life, a life-giving commitment that is open to the procreation and the raising of children. And so the church is very concerned about the state of marriage. The church also knows that in this state, a year ago, two pieces of legislation were introduced to the legislature suggesting that the definition of marriage should be changed. And so given that climate, we intend to and have been teaching what we believe is the God-given reality of marriage. Marriage isn't something that we create as human beings. It's already a given from the work of creation by almighty God.

If I could, I want to ask about the timing of this and this issue. Of all of the many of the issues the church champions, issues like social justice and poverty and speaking out against abortion, why this issue, and specifically why now? Well, this is one piece of an overall teaching that we've been doing here in this archdiocese Since a year ago, we've had 37 gatherings of people around the archdiocese in various parishes directing ourselves to this teaching. And we've had thousands of people who have been in attendance. Parishioners, as well as clergy? These are primarily all lay people.

Homosexual marriage dvd on Catholic

Last year, in the Catholic Spirit, I wrote a column on the reality. The bishops homosexhal have been doing a catechetical piece, which they hope to put out soon, on this reality. So it's just one piece of a series of things that we're doing to raise this issue before our people so that they can be aware that this is a critical question. Obviously, we do the same on the questions of life, on abortion and euthanasia. We do the same on the questions of poverty and that sort of thing.

This is the first time we've done a DVD because it's the Catholi time that we've had the opportunity to use this form of media, but I suspect in the future we'll be doing more of that on other topics as well. Your position at the end of your statement on the DVD is remarkably like an email I received today telling me about an ad that's been released by the National Organization for Marriage supporting Republican candidate Tom Emmer and his position. And so I'm wondering how is this position not partisan politics, especially timed as it is, six weeks before the election?

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