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Before the season 2 Flavor of Naker finale, Pollard denied having her own show but after the finale aired, she confirmed she was the "Flavorette" and that she was already down to the final three contestants. The show premiered on Monday, January 8, and was the most-watched series debut in VH1 history with 4.

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I Love New York 2[ edit ] Main article: The finale earned 5. The reunion special earned 4. The eight episode season follows Pollard as she tries to establish herself as an actress in Hollywood, California. New York Goes to Work[ edit ] Main article: The reality show followed Pollard as she searches for a regular job. However, if she quit, failed or was fired, she would not receive a bonus for the week. At the end of the series, a mobile poll was presented giving three choices for New York's next task, and the most votes were cast for I Love New York 3. Washington county authorities, name, kelly.

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