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This protein transcription factor binds to a carboxy terminus helix-span-helix motifand an amino terminus portion of DNA that affects the activity of numerous cellular activities such as cell division and apoptosis. Facial asymmetry due to lower facial nerve weakness can be present. Autism spectrum disorder, congenital heart defects, and polydactyly are rare. In some families, the parent who has very mild features is diagnosed after the child is recognized to have BOFS. However, patients who have a chromosome deletion involving TFAP2A have a slightly different appearance.

Facial Brachio oculo

ffacial Individuals have vision impairment due to several malformations in the eyes such as small eyeballs, blockage in the tear ducts or lacking eyes completely. Additional features include low birth weight, growth delay, learning challenges, intellectual disability and mental health issues. Teeth can be small, absent or malformed. The branchial arches are structures in the developing embryo that give rise to certain tissues in the neck and facial area. The nose is malformed with a broad bridge and flattened tip. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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