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Secrets with Best Friend’s Mother

Her fires were snuggled prestigious a man black bra. Controller handsome to join me if you with.

I didn't know what to say to that. Then I said " If John was to find out it would end our friendship". She said "I'm not going to tell him or anyone else either, it'll only be you and me that knows". I said "If you won't hate me later, Okay". She walks around in bikinis that showcase her long legs, tight ass and big tits; she also dresses up often in pantyhose and short skirts that have all of us guys drooling. For me, fantasy became reality this summer. I, of course, said yes, for a few reasons: She offered me good money to do it.

Best friends mom erotic stories was what I did, build things and I could do it a lot cheaper and faster than a company could. I would be around her house every day for three weeks or so. I hoped to get to fuck her…even though it still seemed like a far-fetched dream. She suggested I start the second week of July, which happily coincided with Barry would be gone on a two week hiking trip with his father a dumb ass who divorced Sandra a few years ago…no one can fathom why. I, of course, agreed and shot a load in her honour every day until I started working for her.

The week before I started, I got to see her every day as I brought over designs for the shed. Every day she would suggest changes that required me to bring back a different design. She dressed in sundresses every day, or a t-shirt and short shorts that almost no adult should wear…except her. It was like she was taunting me to take her, even though she had always dressed like this…something I believe frustrated her jealous ex-husband. I arrived as scheduled at eight the following morning and was greeted by Sandra, in a robe, clearly having just gotten up. I could see a little of her ample cleavage, and briefly fantasized just tugging her robe open and devouring her right then and there.

Her finger slid easily inside and I was treated to the most incredible taste I have ever had. It was sweet and creamy. As if reading my mind she pulled my face closer to her snatch and encouraged, "Go ahead dear. Have all you want. I licked and sucked everything I could find. When I came to her opening I licked all around it before sliding my tongue inside. She rose up off the bed to meet my advances. She was writhing on the bed and her echoes moaned throughout the room. I was really getting into it when she grabbed the back of my head and howled. Moments later my face was drenched in liquid. A few moments later she pulled me from her crotch and announced, "You made me cum really hard sweetheart.

It was then that she saw how hard I was. I have been so selfish. It was a mere second later that I felt the relief of cool air hitting my straining cock. My eyes were closed to help me concentrate on not cumming too soon. I had jerked my own meat but to have someone else do it was amazing. When I felt a new sensation I opened my eyes to see her tongue sliding around the head of my cock. That was all I could take. When the head hit the back of her throat I began to cum, one hard spurt after another. It was the most amazing climax of my life. Me legs began to wobble as I finished and she turned me so I could sit on the edge of the bed as my cock slid from her mouth.

I was beyond thinking at that point and I pulled her to me. My lips found hers and we kissed for an eternity. When we finally broke free she looked at me and said, "Now Jimmy, I trust you won't tell anyone. I couldn't believe it myself. Also, I felt great shame at having fired off almost instantaneously, as I looked up at her sheepishly. I was still incredibly hard, so she proceeded as though it had not even happened.

She started gyrating on top of me, moving her body in a slow sensual dance like motion as she slowly slid herself up and down on me, while I lay there with my mouth and eyes wide open as this sexy mature woman rode me, using me sexually for her pleasure. She maintained eye contact, fdiends no words were exchanged. Instead she just moved her body up and stoies, delighting me with the feel of her sheath repeatedly stroies over my swollen erection. I still storles feel quite dirty and ashamed, yet Bedt the same Beet I was captivated by her beauty erptic the sensation of having sexual intercourse with a female for the first time in my life.

She keep this up for several more minutes, her movements speeding up as she aggressively rode me hard, her buttocks now slapping against my pelvis each time she drove her body down on my shaft. She seemed to be moving with urgency now, as her breathing became heated. As she ground away working towards her orgasm, I felt mine approaching. She fucked me for another minute or so, as it appeared we were both heading towards a mutual climax until it happened, as she whimpered quietly, pressing herself down hard on me, as her body shuddered. I climaxed at the same time, groaning loudly, causing her to clamp her hand over my mouth again, lest I wake Todd. The two of us quivered for a moment as I sent more of my semen into her body, before we both sagged and she collapsed forward on top of me, kissing me hard on the mouth.

She lay on top of me for a few minutes, breathing hard and sweating, with me still inside her. She wiggled from side to side and moaned. I slowly slid my pinkie under the thong into her tight pussy. She bit her upper lip and a tear drop came out her big thick black eye lashed down her face. She moaned and a large musk sent came from her pussy.

She was discussed and was not in any new year so Frienxs licked if she was on the count. I was still there only, so she married as though it had not even cost.

Keisha knees buckled and she let out a soft whimper as firends first orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her left hand came down from the mouse and into my lap. I removed my right hand from her pussy lips and she turned around and erotif her bathrobe fall to the floor. Her huge juggs were covered by a corset slash black bra that kept two large tits from escaping. She stared at me and I got up off the computer chair and she tuned her body and head and her face was next to the computer screen. I dropped my cargo shorts and ripped off my t-shirt and tossed them onto the floor. I got around her and dropped my underwear onto the carpet. I tugged on my erect cock and she spread her legs and began to play with her pussy.

I slapped her big ass with my cock and wiped the pre-cum on her ass crack and she moaned. Fuck me with that big cock.

Mom erotic stories Best friends

I need your big cock in me! She plunged her ass egotic onto my cock and and I slapped her ass and held onto her hips as I fucked her with long strokes. She grunted and moaned and I continue to hammer away at her big hairy pussy and she had three more orgasm. She slid off my cock onto the desk and I looked on the screen and the boy had blasted on the old lady tits in the movie. Ms Keisha looked into my eyes as I fucked her massive breast. I was standing on my tippy toes when she tugged on my big balls and I unleashed a torrid of white goo on her face and inside her cleavage.

She smiled as my goo was on her chin and running down her chest onto her stomach. She reached down and scooped up my load before it got on the carpet. She licked her fingers and sucked on her hand as she brought her head up and looked at me standing over her.

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