Amateur radio dealers in new york

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Ham Radio in the Big Apple

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While strapless through the best at IKEA I box Amafeur a wooden box kit that stayed interesting scientific three compartments, each with a few that was born. The fine supports slid in and out and were too to install without warring attachment, so serious relationship was made much older.

To complicate things, I happened to fall in love with a converted church built in that was not only in a landmark area of Greenwich Village, but was also a landmark building. Looking to the Future So what is next? Being on great terms with our building superintendent was helpful too. A trip to IKEA resulted in the purchase of a small cabinet that fit in front of a combination side window and sliding door in the apartment. And the left over drawers made great drawer organizers in my multipurpose office that doubles as a serving center for dinner parties as well as my printing center.

Since none of the antennas is visible from ground level on the street, no landmark regulations are being violated and though they are not impressive antennas, I am on the air on all but meters. Being right on a salt water bay, grounding antennas was a snap and while I was within the village limits, they had never worried about antenna restrictions.

New Amateur radio dealers york in

Then, as luck would have it, our super told me that the cable company was coming to redress all the cable TV lines for the 15 apartments in Akateur building along with installation of new grounds. Running around a section of the roof is a steel fence providing a mounting solution and over feet of metal to use as a counterpoise. A quick trip to see Gene and I was in business. The purchase of my first switching power supply completed the power requirements, while staying small and easy to move around.

So now both antennas and radio space was a problem, compounded by the fact that I love to entertain and an unsightly array of ham radio equipment and cables was not going to cut it. There is a multiband Maldol mobile antenna, made for the IC, which gives me coverage on 6 and 2 meters and 70 cm, and with the LDG tuner, full band coverage on 10, 15 and 20 meters. Armed with plenty of coax and connectors, I laid out three lines to the roof. With the laptop connected to my wireless network, printing RTTY would be easy to handle.

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