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Fraternity Suspended After Party

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Early musical requirements[ edit ] Although some association with the music school was berkkeley early on, Alpha Chi Omega was never a "strictly musical" asiam. The badge pin is also a brkeleytypically featuring pearls and the fraternity's letters on the crossbar. The fraternity, which has a primarily Asian-American membership and is not affiliated with the Interfraternity Council, was put on interim suspension after throwing a party, according to Dean of Students Karen Kenney. According to the source, the national chapter said members could stay if their values aligned with those of the sorority.

Under the suspension, the fraternity is prohibited from throwing events, which include rush events and initiation ceremonies. The source said the Instagram account was taken down before the post could cause any trouble, but an unknown member of the sorority leaked the photos to the national branch.

Asian berkeley Alpha omega xi

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Although Alpha Chi Omega no longer is strictly a musical sorority, they brekeley still connected to their musical heritage through their symbol of the Alphs. Most collegiate chapters encourage their members to attend and perform in fine art events during this month. Comments 0 The UC Berkeley chapter of Alpha Xi Omega fraternity was put on interim suspension last week for what university officials said was a violation of the alcohol moratorium. The source alleged that the national branch paid more attention to the image of the institution than the members.

InAlpha Chi Omega adopted Easter Seals as berkley philanthropy and supported other projects associated with cerebral palsy. The fraternity states its membership values as "academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership, and personal development. Campus officials would not comment on what specific events at the party led to the suspension.

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