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Presently, we do not know the precise casue of uterine infections; however, the causative agent s vagiha enter the uterus during estrus, either passively or they are introduced by the boar during mating. Several bacterial species have been isolated from these infected uteri, inclucing, E. Unfortunately, ivestigators have not identified a specific pathogen responsible for all discharges. Evaluation of the reproductive tracts at slaughter has yielded limited information because the animals have either resolved the infection or overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria has occured.

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A recent study indicated that sows bred late during estrus often gagina third mating are susceptible to discharge problems; however, this does not completely explain the problems observed in start-up units. Numerous treatment protocols have been attempted to resolve discharging sow problems: The use of medicated feed or injectable antibiotics are common treatments. It is common to note the presence of fresh blood on the vulva of sows and gilts. Vulvar lacerations are often the result of biting by sows, particularly in pen housing. In contrast, the swollen vulva of a sow during estrus is subject to trauma by breeding or gestation crates. Careful inspection of the crates usually reveals sharp or abrasive edges.

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Another common casue of vulvar lacerations and pis is trauma during mating. Blood is not spermicidal but it is a good idea to implement handmating procedures that reduce the likelihood of breed-inflicted vulvar lesions since they may indirectly affect reproductive processes. The vvagina of a purulent vulvar discharge at 16 to 20 Pica after breeding or estrus typically is indicative of a uterine infection metritis or endometritis. Here is an excerpt from a scientifically worded online description of the sow's cervix: The cervix is approximately one inch in diameter and about inches in length, and connects the vagina and the uterus. It is made of tough connective tissue and contains limited amounts of glandular and muscular tissue.

It contains a series of five interdigitating pads Figure 1 which provide pressure points for locking of the penis or AI catheters. Its primary functions are to serve as a locking mechanism for the penis. The cervix is also a flexible structure and can open and close under the influence of hormones.

Vgaina cervix is important for protecting the fetuses and will remain tightly closed except at estrus and at farrowing, when it will dilate to oof the boar's penis and to allow passage of the piglets through the birth canal. The cervix is also the primary source of mucus. Under estrogen stimulation, such as that which occurs at estrus, the mucus becomes watery and can sometimes be seen seeping from the vulva. There is a relation with mycotoxins, especially estrogenic mycotoxins. It is based on clinical signs. If the prolapse remains out when the sow is standing, it must be repaired and perform a suture around the vulva.

If or sow is about to give birth, the floor of the farrowing cage must be lifted using some boards to create a slope towards the feeder. In this way, when the sow lies down, the weight of the unborn piglets will take the uterus forward and the vagina will remain inside. In these circumstances the sow usually gives birth normally.

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