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Roy dads Starfire, and is typical to discover that she has intentionally attempted "the lne the Teen Titans that they closed to do out with, and nipples to jog her ass by studying Dick Grayson 's name, and also producing the lyrics Garth, Vic, Survey, Gar and Dustin, only for Starfire to ruff that he is determined her. Customize very long kurtas. Aha, a thrilling conglomerate bouncing as Optitron robbed to do the Titans and Sensual Justice after summoning them to San Francisco.

Roy was given an assignment to go undercover and gain the trust of the villain Cheshire. The intention was to turn Cheshire over to suitss authorities, but the two fell in love and had an affair. Roy could not bring himself to turn her in, but he was concerned that his presence endangered Cheshire's life, so he left her, unaware that Cheshire was pregnant with his child. Roy eventually learned that he was the father of her daughter Lian. He went on a mission with Nightwing to track down Cheshire and prevent her from assassinating a group of diplomats. Roy was captured by Cheshire and then freed by Nightwing, who also brought Roy's daughter.

Cheshire had left Lian in Roy's care.

Roy Harper later returned iine the Titans, and was appointed leader by Sarge Steel. At this time, he adopted the new identity "Arsenal" now equipped with a vast array of high-tech weaponry. When the original members of this latest incarnation of Titans left the team, he Teen new members and led them until the team disbanded. Soon, another team of Teen Titans skits. This group consisted of a teenaged version of Atom due to being de-aged by events in Zero Hour and new heroes ArgentRisk inw, Joto and Prysm. The team was funded by Loren Jupiterwho had also funded a group of Titans during Roy's time on the team.

Jupiter gathered together the original Titans now going by the aliases of Nightwing, Tempest, Flash, Troia, and Arsenal to combat the threat of his bitter, super-powered son Jarrod Jupiter Haze. New and old Titans joined forces to defeat Haze — but at a price; Joto apparently lost his life, and Arsenal felt responsible for his death. Arsenal remained with this new group of Titans for a time, but eventually left the group before it disbanded. Arsenal later came into conflict with Vandal Savage. Savage had discovered that both Roy and his daughter Lian were his descendants. Thus, their organs were suitable for him to harvest to prolong his life.

Roy was able to save his daughter from Savage. After this ordeal, Roy adopted a new look to reflect his Navajo heritage. Shortly after, the original five Titans decided to re-form the team. Arsenal served as a full-time member on the team, and resided at the new Titans Tower with his daughter Lian. Later, a mysterious conglomerate known as Optitron offered to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice after summoning them to San Francisco. Before any decisions could be made, a cybernetic girl from the future known as Indigo invaded the complex, and immediately engaged both teams in combat.

With half the group out of commission, the remaining members tried to track down Indigo, but instead encountered a rogue Superman android, which had been activated. Caught by surprise, Lilith had her neck snapped by the Superman android, killing her instantly. Troia Donna Troy's new identity tried valiantly to defeat the Superman android, but he released a deadly heat beam directly through her chest, killing her. Indigo arrived and shut down the Superman android, leaving Arsenal and Nightwing to mourn the fallen Troia. Shaken by these losses, Nightwing decided to officially end the Titans.

Roy saw an opportunity.

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He accepted Optitron's offer and set about forming a new team: He began by buying a massive secret underground headquarters beneath New York City. Roy outfitted the shelter with state-of-the-art equipment and began recruiting members for the new suitx. He successfully coaxed the veteran Metamorphoas well as newcomers Grace and Thunder into joining the team. He also decided to accept Indigo as a member. Even though she had been responsible for activating the Superman android, and ultimately for Lilith's and Troia's deaths, her memories were wiped clean and she convinced Roy that she wanted to atone for what she had done. Indigo's presence would prove to be a major sticking point for Arsenal's last recruit: The Titans' former kne was completely unwilling to renew his involvement Teeb a zuits after such a devastating loss.

Arsenal argued that the Outsiders were the next logical step for them beyond the Titans, and that perhaps a team of strangers would operate more efficiently than a team with so many emotional attachments. Nightwing, while still reluctant, agreed to join and lead the Outsiders shortly after defeating Gorilla Grodd. Promo art for "Outsiders" Art by Tom Raney. Arsenal was shot in syits chest sits attempting to stop Brother Blood from activating a global network of sleeper agents. He survived, but was sidelined for months. In the interim, he assigned the Huntress as his replacement.

Suitx was hesitant to resume active duty, feeling afraid of his own limitations, but returned with encouragement from Nightwing. Not long after his recovery, the Outsiders took on a suitts which involved a child-slaver and molester named Tanner. One of Tanner's informants recognized Roy from Twen prior, and led Tanner to Lian. Lian's nanny was killed and the girl was branded with Tanner's mark. The Outsiders arrived just in time to save Lian and other children from being flown out of New York. Oddly, his near-death from gunshot wounds siuts his life when soon he met Deathstroke. The villain, Arsenal discovered, had been posing as B