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She played a villainwho idolized Hillary Clinton. In her first storyline with the company, she threatened to file a sexual discrimination lawsuit due to the lack of prominent positions offered to females. She managed Brian Lee to the Heavyweight Championship and also began accompanying Candido in his matches.

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She was also AOL 's most downloaded woman of that year. Mind Gamesshe fired them in the middle of the ring. Later that year, amid more rumors of drug use, Sytch and Candido took some time off weestlers television. The feud was cut short when Sytch was arrested after violating a restraining order filed by her mother. After a brief feud with Dawn Marie, there were rumors that Sytch had been found passed out in a locker room. Candido and Sytch left the promotion in December She then feuded with Iaukea's valet Paisley. The short-lived feud came to a conclusion at Slamboree when The Artist and Paisley stripped Tammy's dress off to reveal her undergarments following Candido's singles victory over Iaukea.

Sytch and Candido then briefly feuded with Crowbar and Daffney.

Wrestlers gallery Nude

Candido later dropped the title, which marked the end of wresglers couple's run with the company. Candido and Sytch parted ways with XPW and started touring other independent wrestling promotions. But there is so much more to enjoy. Remember one of the first divas in history, the wonderful blonde bombshell Sunny?

Turns out, she likes to get naked in the sun tallery ofcourse we also have proof of that, below. Have you ever seen the blonde bombshell fully undressed before? I bet you didn't! Candice Michelle posing buck naked for Playboy Ain't she look pretty? Look at that tight body and ass! They all got their private naked photos and videos leaked online. The Fappening seems to be all about the girls of wrestling.

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