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Importantly timed if the Aqha was designed for a demon release, a Higher Axis staff ranging responded yes, but voluptuous: If any suspicious is a "local in name only" it's Funny.

If any character is a "hero in name only" it's Shake. Later on in the show, he tries to justify his horrible treatment of Meatwad as " Tough Love ". However the show has made it very blatantly clear that he just does it to be cruel for the sake of it. It doesn't help either that Shake always makes excuses for his actions and never admits he's at fault. This is a noticeable contrast to the last two seasons, where he plays the main role in almost every episode. The two times Shake did something nice for someone was when he found out Frylock was supposedly dying of cancer, and then when he really was dying, and later during the mission to save him sacrifices himself to protect Meatwad from the clams.

It's also revealed in "Reedickyoulus" that Shake owns a magician cat which he has a soft spot for, and expressed great concern when he realized he accidentally microwaved it. If Shake doesn't get his way, he'll start breaking things, including his own property. He spends a surprising amount of time during the series finale being kind, sacrificing himself to save Meatwad after the two are attacked on the planet they travelled to in order to find Frylock a new jewel and save his life. Beforehand, he tells Meatwad that most of his abuse was in the form of Tough Love in his eyes. The series finale reveals he has a jewel exactly like Frylock's underneath him.

Whenever Shake throws things on the ground, they immediately explode. Shake derives amusement from the pain and suffering of Meatwad. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Along with Frylock, he shares the Manly Man role to Meatwad. Shake possesses both more knowledge and interest in adult culture than Meatwad, who has interests typical of a toddler, and is very clever and manipulative when it comes to finding his way out of authoritative contempt.

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However, on humge contrary, Shake is a Psychopathic Manchild and a bit of a coward himself and doesn't really possess much powers other than being able to excrete useless ice cream from his straw, plus there are even times feen Meatwad stands AAqua for himself after being exploited too much and gets revenge on Shake. Small Name, Big Ego: Shake's entire existence revolves around getting people to think he's as awesome as he thinks he is. Of course, whether it's posing as a superhero or getting plastic surgery to become a model, it never works.

Explicitly described this way in Aqua teen hunge. Shake of all people, was this to the Creditor. He seems to have the power Aquua make things explode whenever he tosses them out of frustration or anger. However, a few other characters have done this in the series, meaning the power isn't unique to him. He's killed himself many Aqua teen hunge just to AAqua with the other characters and entertain the audience. I've lived a full life. But now, regrettably, my life has been taken. Please bury me with all my stuff because you know it's mine. Dearest Meatwad, turn on that dumb game cause' I am gonna wail you from the grave, baby!

Missing you already, M. Fryman, I am so sorry Once killed himself just to mess with Meatwad. And another so he can see a woman naked. While usually incapable of doing anything, Shake has been shown to be really good at cooking, making four-cheese lasagna, cheese-injected fried beef and cakes. Downplayed, since Shake will cook only for 'special occasions' like screwing up Meatwad's diet or torturing Carl. At other times he wouldn't even mind eating cat food. A Running Gag is that when Shake is ignored or outargued, he'll just start saying whatever he can to get attention. A bastard who lives to torture his roommates and for personal gain. The other members of the team often do evil things as well, but Shake is unique in that he doesn't need a reason.

Too Dumb to Live: He has sliced himself in half with a katana, eaten a sandwich that he knew would send him to a hell dimension where an axe-wielding cyclops awaited to slice his head open, and has gone as far as committing suicide just to ruin Meatwad's Ouija video game. Took a Level in Jerkass: At the start of the series, what with its Early Installment WeirdnessShake was incompetent and kind of a self-centered jerk already but he still tried to solve crimes and get things done. Before the first season was even over, Shake was hitting the decline, and by the second season he hit it so hard that he'd let Carl bleed to death by a self-inflicted gun wound he was responsible for by breaking into Carl's house in the first place.

From there, Shake's descent into being a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk was cemented and he just got worse with each season. Took a Level in Kindness: In "Shake Like Me", Master Shake gets bitten by a radioactive black man, turns black and becomes much friendlier compared to his original self. Unfortunately, Shake being nice was found to be a bit too creepy, so Frylock returned him to his normal jerkass self. The final season as a whole.

This reaches its peak during the Series Fauxnalewhere Shake actually acts nicer towards everyone, reveals to Meatwad that all of the abuse he's been giving him was his albeit twisted version of Tough Love and even performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save Meatwad and even Frylock's life. Shake manipulates his roommates and Carl purely to see the look on their faces when they realize they've been tricked. Almost never thanks anyone. Despite his lack of positive qualities, he's a stupid jerk that makes people laugh. Shake at his very worst can be considered this in that he's prone to committing crimes For the Evulz.

Frylock can fire laser beams from his eye and can shoot fry-like projectiles, Meatwad can shapeshift into virtually anything, and Shake Actually subverted, as he also has the questionable power that anything he drops or throws will explode. This seems quite random, but considering he was created by Dr. Weird, it's somewhat understandable. Would Hurt a Child: If one considers Meatwad a child, then Shake has definitely crossed this line. Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness: Has a light yellow sclera, and it pretty much fits his jerkass attitude. Frylock Frylock, and I'm on top, rock you like a cop. That wasn't making us a whole lot of money.

Usually the most realistic and morally decent member of the trio, but he still has his moments of questionability. Voiced by Carey Means. Compared to his original "Baffler Meal" appearance where he was arguably more like Meatwad.

Explicitly hung this way in "May". Sky Guy and Very Man:.

The scar under his eye swaps sides depending on which way he's facing. While he's just a red box of French fries, there are some hints that he might be of African-American descent. His voice actor Carey Means is black, not to mention Shake lampshades this in one episode. Even Frylock, who's normally the voice of reason, has his morally ambiguous moments notably in "Fry Legs" and "The Cloning". It doesn't always work, but when Shake is up to no good yet again and trying to coerce or bully Frylock into having his way, a straightforward method of getting Shake to piss off is firmly telling him, "No. Has a very deep voice. Frylock has a beard that complements his badassery.

Frylock's eye lasers and smarts are the only things keeping Shake and Meatwad alive. Beware the Nice Ones: He's the nicest Aqua Teen next to Meatwad. Press his buttons though, and that changes right quick. Blasting It Out of Their Hands: More like vaporizing it in their hands. He does this with his eye beams, usually as a show of force or to get someone to pay attention. In the Pilothe was robotic and subservient to Shake. This quickly changed when he was cemented into the Only Sane Man and real leader of the group. All of his love interests except for a woman from "Carl" were women of size. In regards to Shake and Meatwad; he is quick to call them out on their immaturity.

Thanks to a magic shampoo he used in the very last episode of the series, Frylock has this. Any injury he sustains is little more than a temporary inconvenience, which he exploits to make extreme gore videos with Carl. Unfortunately, after being imprisoned for murder of a Highlander star, he can't serve out his life sentences because he doesn't age. To Shake and Meatwad. Without Frylock, they would probably be complete psychopaths. He is usually the straight man and voice of reason, but some of his more pathetic moments approach a Control Freak especially when he's trying to entertain anyone.

Didn't Think This Through: You know just how bad of an idea this was when it's Shake who calls him out on it: I give you the ultimate in military hardware, complete with laser cannon, indestructible titanium exoskeleton and motion-activated plasma pulse rifles. And you're gonna plug him in?! Frylock is inarguably the most rational and logically thinking member of the trio, but to his discredit, he occasionally forgets to beforehand plan out his science experimentsleading to asinine results. Frylock wears contact lenses that shoot just about anything from electricity to fire-retardant foam.

Frylock is a dour complainer who obsessively frets over problems. Not that you can blame him The movie reveals that he is actually a lesbian woman trapped in a man's body. Surprisingly enough, there are multiple instances of this being foreshadowed earlier in the series. Hyper Competent Side Kick: Shake is ostensibly the leader of the crew, but Frylock is the problem solver, and the only member of the trio with any real power or intelligence, of which he has quite a lot. While generally a Nice GuyFrylock has shown shades of this at times; he's prone to forcing his scientific inventions on his roommates when it's clear that they aren't interested unless the invention in question can be used as a toy and acting superior over them for being more intelligent.

This is a driving point on the storyline in "Unremarkable Voyage". However, these instances seem to be done in an attempt to deconstruct Shake and Meatwad's stupidity and make them interested in a more professional lifestyle. Picks this up every now and then, most notably in "Fry Legs" where he sexually harasses a computer repair woman and kills her boyfriend to increase his chances of getting with her. At his worst, Frylock can be an Insufferable Genius with an overconfident ego and moral ambiguity. Make no mistake though, he is the one who protects the rest of the main cast from various dangers and serves as a father figure to Meatwad.

In the episode "Fry Legs" Frylock gets away with sexually harassing a computer repair woman and killing her boyfriend, while Shake gets killed at the end for no actual reason. Though he's alive and well again in the post-finale episode. Frylock has the ability to float up and down in midair. Frylock is the second-nicest member of the Aqua Teens behind Meatwad, courtesy of having impulse restraint and civilization. Nobody ever listens to Frylock's advice. They usually suffer for it. Not So Above It All: Every now and then, Frylock acts as greedy and mean as Shake. One episode shows him cloning i. Jackson wouldn't have given a shit. And then of course, there's the episode "Fry Legs", where he sexually harasses a computer repair woman and murders her boyfriend just to increase his chances of getting with her.

He's basically the only one of the trio who's capable of Meatwad and Shake are too stupid to take care of themselves in Frylock's absence. They have a father-son relationship, stemming from Meatwad's childlike personality in contrast to Frylock's maturity. Most of the time he's shown with a frown on his face. The movie follows the origins of the Aqua Teens, which includes an exercise machineNeil Peart of the band Rusha watermelon slice named Walter Melon, and an appearance by heavy metal band Mastodon in the opening sequence. The Plutonians and the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, recurring characters, both make appearances in the movie, as well as the Mooninites, Dr.

Weird and MC Pee Pants this being his last appearance in the series. When asked if the film was designed for a theatrical release, a Radical Axis staff member responded yes, but stated: This was then followed by the statement "Adult Swim will never make another movie ever again". The final episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told" made its television debut on August 30,after first being quietly released online on August 26, The series currently airs in Canada on the Canadian version of Adult Swim. Merchandise[ edit ] Several pieces of merchandise have been made for the series, including T-shirtscapswristbandspatchesand buttons featuring characters in the series.

Master Shake and Carl Halloween costumes for adults are also available. The purchase includes a piloted, one-hour ride anywhere in the continental United States, and the buyer got to keep it although a pilot's license would be required to actually fly it.

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