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Paddle Spanking Videos

The bindings used for lucidity and sorority event bootleggers are often there made and engraved with sexy yuma and teeth. Wear paddles are made of thunder, or there plastic.

Whether or not particular bruises constitute evidence of "serious injury" wiith "abuse" or "child maltreatment" depends on viddos circumstances and can ultimately be settled thck by a court of law. There have been cases in the past when paddling was administered incorrectly or excessively. Partly in order to avoid this danger, in the majority of U. It Spankef usually a requirement that a professional witness be present. Nowadays there is often a maximum of three swats or "licks" or "pops". In the past, paddlings of up to 30 licks were not vdieos, especially in rural schools. Woodeh has gradually moved from paddlings in the classroom or hallway to paddlings administered out of the sight of other students, typically in the principal's office.

Ina year-old student claimed bleeding wounds as a result of a school paddling. It was alleged that the assistant Spaned who woodeen administered the punishment had held and swung the paddle vidfos two hands. In order to prevent aith claims, nowadays a school district might require the handle of a spanking paddle to be "just large enough for a normal one-hand grip". Or a rule might provide that the handle shall not be more than 4 inches mm long just large enough to be held with one hand. Ina nine-year-old student was hit with a wooden paddle that was cracked.

This causing a bleeding wound that became a permanent scar. To avoid this, nowadays some school districts have adopted rules which prohibit using paddles that have cracks in them. For example, the policies of Bloomfield School District provide that, "Corporal punishment will be administered by spanking the buttocks of a student with a flat-surfaced paddle which is smoothly sanded and has no cracks or holes and that will cause no more than temporary pain and not inflict permanent damage to the body. The student may be ordered to bend over a chair or desk and, in that position, receive the prescribed number of strokes of the paddle.

Paddling usually occurs in an office but may sometimes occur in a hallway. The punishment is delivered across the seat of the student's trousers or skirt. In order to avoid allegations of sexual abuse, many school districts require that a female teacher be present during the paddling of a female student. A school might also recommend "that female staff members administer corporal punishment to female students middle and high school ". Or a school board might prescribe that a "female principal s or designee shall spank or paddle female students" and that a "male principal s or designee shall spank or paddle male students. Social discipline Some university or college traditions enforce d rules by paddling offenders.

This is impossible with OTK. There are of course potential problems with this position, and they are discussed in the next section below. Two other positions, standing and prone e. The problem with the standing position is that the spankee will be able to clench her buttocks, which is sort of instinctive but only makes things worse for her. Besides, you lose the psychological advantages of making her "assume the position".

Solar a short-enough handle, it could be very OTK, but even there you'd be beneficial off with the growth-ball consultant or a hairbrush. And these devices are not entirely some petty nit-picking on my part, they have not, unhappy consequences for the spankee.

The prone position takes the same azimuth alignment problem you have using long paddles in the OTK position and makes them much worse. This is so because the paddler's shoulder is far above the spankee's bottom, unless the paddler is some sort of midget! If the spankee really wants the prone position, and some do because of having experienced it during childhood, then use a flexible implement such as a belt or strap. Do not use paddles with the standing or prone positions. Common Positional Mistakes and How to Correct Them I don't want to go through the OTK position again here because I think most people understand how to do it, and other articles deal adequately with this topic. Most problems occur with the bending-over positions.

There are two kinds of positional errors that frequently occur when paddling, those involving the paddler and those involving the spankee. First let's talk about the spankee. Believed to be from a University of Iowa Paddle Party inthis shot is a perfect illustration of bad paddling: Also, this paddle is much too wide it looks to be between 5 and 6 inches. I've lost track of where I found this one, but the largest collection of vintage sorority paddling pictures I know about is at Windsor's Sorority Spankings. This is not a matter of opinion, it's the only way to do things. Bending the knees causes the hips to angle downwards, meaning that the paddler would have to apply the paddle at the precise upward angle to compensate and avoid tilt misalignment.

With the knees straight, all the paddler has to do is keep the paddle's flat side vertical and the stroke level, and tilt misalignment becomes impossible. Again, for a thorough discussion of all types of paddle misalignment that may occur, see my article How to Paddle, Strap, and Cane. In this scene, the camera follows a particular chorine the one with the best rear end, one supposes as she bends over, carefully keeping her head up to "stick it out" as far as she could. No paddling here, but it does illustrate the concept of the arched back. Although not quite as important as keeping the knees straight, I feel very strongly that the spankee must be made to arch her back as much as possible.

If you're not sure what this is supposed to look like, try out the hands-on-knees position, which automatically tends to arch the back one of the points in its favor. This is normally done by making her raise her head and shoulders with such commands as "Look up", "Look straight ahead" etc. Even there, they should be made to arch the back to the extent possible without making them strain too much. Much like the director whose preferred choreography we sampled above, the artists on Skygirl this panel looks like Matt Baker may not have been spankos, but they sure understood the value of the arched back in presenting the derriere! Ginger McGuire is here pictured in almost perfect hand-on-knees paddling position with her head and consequently her rear end raised as high as possible.

For more scenes where Ginger gratuitously "assumes the position", see our Skygirl Special Feature.

Wooden videos Spanked with thick paddle

Why is the ;addle back so important? First, it gives an attractive line to the body, as should be apparent from these two illustrations. Second, it turns the bottom up to provide the best possible target for the paddle. Third, it enhances videoz spankee's humiliation to make her "stick it out" whether or not those actual words are used. Humiliating the spankee is very important in all but the most purely sensual spankings. Photo courtesy of Amateur Spankings. There are also many potential problems with the viddeos of the paddler.

Let's confine ourselves here to the correct placement of the feet. Assuming a right-handed paddler, his left foot should be in front of the spankee's feet. Many times the paddler stands too far back, causing azimuth misalignment, which means that one end of the paddle usually the far end makes contact before the near end, resulting in the spankee getting more on the right side than the left. Although you can't see the paddler's feet here, you can see that the paddle is angled with the far end closer to the spankee than the near end - in fact, you can see that the far end is already in contact. This appears to have been a practice swing; when I checked out the video I found the paddler was actually applying the paddle squarely on target, so he must have corrected his foot position.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the "baseball swing" is often used with long paddles - to the inexperienced paddler, handed the implement for the first time, it might seem perfectly natural.

But a little thought should convince us that we need a better approach when we consider that 1 we don't need fhick want to eooden full force when paddling the way we would when "swinging for the fences"; and 2 baseball bats are ivdeos very thiick than paddles. Let's see a short video now of a bad paddling using the baseball swing. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As". Wiht of the paddling that still goes on in this day and age takes place in college. The problem is that college kids don't know any more about paddling than they do about anything else, and withh worse, paddl don't know how little they know.

We see a perfect example of that here. The situation appears to be a college party where one brave girl volunteered to take a couple of swats from another girl. She obviously had a high pain tolerance, which inspired some guy to see if he could get more of a reaction from her by concentrating on delivering three very hard swats. Bad swat 2, still frame 1. We may charitably suppose that Shirtless Joe here meant no real harm, but using as much force as he did was way out of line. Shirtless Joe didn't think carefully enough about the difference between driving the ball out of the park and giving a young woman a good, stinging but not brutal swat.

She had an incredible pain tolerance, but even so she must have been badly bruised. This is swat 2, and is actually his least-incompetent attempt, but the baseball swing also invites other problems, as we'll see. When I see something like this, I'm glad I've escaped the ignorance of youth, although there are times when I'd like my hair back. Bad swat 2, still frame 2. Apart from encouraging the paddler to swing too hard, the baseball swing tends to rotate the paddle. With a baseball bat, this isn't a problem because the shape of its surface is what could technically be called invariant with respect to rotation about its long axis.

This is a fancy way of saying that a baseball bat doesn't change its effective shape when you rotate it.

But a paddle does, and since we want the padxle face to be exactly vertical at thidk moment of impact, we would have to compensate for the rotation by tilting it the same number of degrees in the opposite direction as it will rotate during the swing, which as you can probably guess from the description is next to impossible. In the still frame above it's hard to tell, but I believe the top edge of the paddle is rotated forward of true vertical. Even if the paddle is vertical, it would only be pure luck. One thing you'll learn about paddling from experience - small changes in the stroke can make a big difference to the spankee - so yes, it matters!

Bad swat 2, still frame 3. Shirtless Joe takes a very long stride towards "home plate" also, but we'll let his hitting instructor worry about that - he's got still another problem, namely azimuth misalignment.

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