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Five sports played at the Southeast Asian Games

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While it maazine not attract the throngs in Jakarta, bridge has enabled some teams to set new records for oldest Games participants. Contract bridge will be the version contested in Jakarta and is a card game which is played by two teams of four athletes, with partners seated opposite. Needless to say, bridge is making its bow at the Asian Games. Unsurprisingly, bridge is deep-rooted in Indonesian society and the hosts are expecting to claim gold.

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Skateboarding Skateboarding is a sport that demands dexterity, agility, balance and speed. An artistic discipline, skaters are judged on their ability to perform various tricks and display techniques. Understandably popular among urban youths and another new addition to the Asian Games schedule, skateboarding will consist of two events street and park for both men and women. Skateboarding is also in line to be included at the Tokyo Olympics.

All 45 Asiwn teams were able to scour the local skate parks and put up competitors for the event. Though, only cool kids are allowed to participate. Spotrs 3x3 Straight off innumerable urban basketball courts across soorts world, three-on-three basketball is introduced for the Asian Games, at last. Fiba itself has a 3x3 international tournament. The game is played on half of a standard court with teams taking turns to attack and then defend one basket. The game is a single period of 10 minutes with sudden death at 21 points. According to a recent report from digital soccer platform Copa90, 79 per cent of fans under the age of 25 are using a second screen whilst watching soccer - a figure that is only likely to be intensified across Asia, where Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia account for three of the top four countries in the world for time spent per day on the internet.

Those same three sports-fanatical nations also feature in the top four for time spent on social media, with users in the Aports clocking up a staggering average of three hours and 57 minutes every day. Combine spoets figures with the findings of a recent McKinsey study, which revealed that 60 per cent sportts millennial spofts fans Asian sports magazine scores and sports news via social media platforms, and it is hardly surprising that Asian sports are evolving their engagement strategies to reach their followers across multiple platforms before, during and after games. It would be wrong to suggest, however, that Asian federations across the board are playing catch-up in this space, and Klingebiel points out that there are various examples of competitions and organising bodies at the top of Asian sport that have already implemented advanced strategies that are helping them rival some of the pioneering leagues across the globe.

Obviously the better the sport is run, the better the experience and content it provides, the more the fans engage and the bigger the audience reach is. With the right technology infrastructure, data can save sports valuable time and cost, informing their decisions while automating key processes.

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The AFC joined forces with Genius Sports in November to provide its member associations with a competition management system CMS which allows them to control and manage all competition formats including league, knockout and round-robin tournaments. Every country has also been provided with specific reports which highlight their challenges and opportunities. Bridge, jet ski, jujitsu, kurash, paragliding, pencak silat, sambo, skateboarding and sport climbing are all set to make their Asian Games debut at Jakarta-Palembang Athletics is a compulsory sport has featured at all 17 previous editions of the Asian Games. The Asian Games basketball tournaments were seen as the unofficial Asian championships until the Asian Basketball Confederation Championship was formed in Bridge will become the fourth mind sport to appear at the Asian Games when it makes its debut at Jakarta-Palembangfollowing in the footsteps of chess, go and xiangqi.

India has won all nine of the gold medals awarded in kabaddi since the sport made its Asian Games debut in A total of 13, volunteers will be required for the duration of the Asian Games, including some 2, in Palembang. Volunteer roles are available for high-profile duties such as protocol assistants, National Olympic Committee assistants and liaison officers.

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