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Yes, You Can Make a Woman Climax By Touching Her Breasts—Here’s How

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Maswage her to come over and lean back against Hlw chest. Next, reach for brfast breasts go underneath her arms v. Next, place whatever body cream, lotion or oil you desire in the palm of your hand I recommend neem oil or rose hip oil and start caressing the underside of her breasts—you can add a little moisturizer on her boobs if you want extra glide. Then begin to massage her breasts, slowly rotating your hands around their entire surface. Start off gentlly and increase your grip based on her responses to what feels best. Wake her nipples up by touching them with quick strokes of your thumb.

Next, grab her nipples between your thumb and index finger and apply a little pressure. Rotate her nipples between your fingers and continue to tease her body with your hands and mouth. Remember to begin slowly and gently, and check in with your partner about firmness and intensity. The slow grind motion will stimulate more of her senses.

Let breawt know how good she feels in your arms. Ask her if she likes how you touch her. Early identification of breast cancer Breast self-exams and massage are ways to identify breast cancer at its earliest stages. According to a reportsome 25 percent of women end up detecting their breast cancer through self-exam. Another 18 percent discover cancer by accident.

Improved breast appearance Some people try breast massage as a way to improve the appearance of saggy breasts. The belief is that you may increase blood flow to breast tissue through massage. Others use specific oils, like olive oil, in an attempt How to massage breast help improve skin firmness and elasticity. Most evidence of this is anecdotal. But in one studyresearchers discovered that striae gravidarum — more commonly referred to as stretch marks — may be prevented by massaging skin with oil. As part of the study, pregnant women were asked to either apply bitter almond oil to their bodies without massage, or to massage their bodies for 15 minutes a day using the almond oil.

At the end of the study, the women who used the oil and massage together had fewer stretch marks. Lymphatic system Your breast tissue extends all the way into the area under your armpit. There are many lymph nodes in this part of the body, and massaging them may help stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body flush out toxins. You may also hear this type of breast massage referred to as manual lymph drainage. According to a recent reviewmore than 1 in 5 people with breast cancer develop lymphedema. Symptoms include swelling in the arm, breast, or chest.

Usually, it results from surgery or radiation. Standard treatment often involves using compression to relieve the swelling. A study examined the combination of bandaging and massage to treat breast-related lymphedema. Researchers found that adding massage showed more significant improvement than just bandaging. These muscles are called your pectorals. Perhaps you participate in activities, exercises, or sports that strain these muscles.

Breast massage How to

The pectorals are shaped like triangles and rest underneath your breasts. If you develop tension in your back, you may compensate by tensing your chest muscles as well. Massage to the chest can bring on more lasting relaxation than massaging the back alone. In fact, if you have only your back massaged, your brain will still sense tension in your chest when your session is complete. As a result, the brain may send tension back to your back to rebalance the forces in the two areas of your body. Massage may be used with or without hand expression. Hand expression is the use of your hand to remove breast milk, rather than through a pump or breastfeeding. Focus on one breast at a time.

Place four fingers of one hand on the top of the breast and four fingers of the other hand on the bottom. Massage in a circular pattern. This may feel best if your hands are warm. Move your attention to the sides of your breasts, continuing in a circular pattern. You may even want to make fists with your hands and gently roll or knead your breast. Try using your fingertips to tap and massage all over your breasts as well.

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Massagee you do maxsage to hand express, position your index finger and thumb around your nipple. Bring your fingers together while gently applying pressure to the nipple itself, expressing removing the breast milk. Adjust your position as needed. Squeeze rhythmically, at the rate of a heartbeat. Hand expression before and after pumping may also help you empty your breasts. Stand in front of a mirror and do a visual check of your breasts. Look for any size differences, color changes, or shape differences. Place your hands at your sides, then on your hips, and then above your head to see from different angles.

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