Training anal female

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Anal Training Guide for Beginners

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Start with your narrowest toy a diameter between 1" — 1. Familiarize yourself with your fanny.

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When it comes to anal training, do what works and feels best for your body. Not sure what lube to use? The aim at this point is to stretch the muscles so as soon as you begin to feel comfortable this won't happen overnight you can gradually move up in size to a toy with a larger diameter or your index finger. The added benefit of the Novice Plug and Trio Plug is the remote control, which allows a person to easily be in control of their experience.

Anal is not a race! Feeling well-versed in your own body will increase your confidence when partnered up. Once you have reached your desired size, swap it for a realistic dildo or have a go at anal sex! However, if there is still resistance, don't keep pushing as you may have the wrong angle which could cause a lot of discomfort and potential bleeding.

Anal female Training

Anal training is a necessary step for anal sex. You can either pull aanl back out a little, or leave it there. This will still be stretching the anus and if you want just wait till the pain subsides and try again. Before partners get involved, try practicing solo anal.

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