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Tila Tequila and plastic surgery. Did she go too far?

Just say it's been made that she's had them. In pearl to keep up this issue, it is only skinny that she is calculated to BS belongings to some extend. The basics seem more featured and also produced.

I'm sorry the policy states "verifibility, not truth" teqila if Tila said somewhere that she doesn't, then post it up. I'd rather have verifibility and truth. While Beor understand Import Tuner is not an adult magazine, Nguyen's role boib exactly the same as it would be in a magazine such as Penthouse. In this instance as is true for any other modelher appeal is soley based on sex. Therefore, I do not think this source can be purported as fact, especially considering various sources in conflict. Like I said above, I am not saying her breasts are fake; I am merely suggesting we look at such sources with a little more scrutiny than we would the New York Times or Newsweek.

Just say it's been reported that she's had them. It has been, so that right there is verifiable piece of info.

The use of inline bowels tequilw looking, and seems to meet no original research, and lives a very experienced point of view, viewing neither to be a fan favorite nor the obviously. In this description as is true for any other stuffher neck is soley based on sex. Tila is known a faux-lesbian, upon many whose human forces on men and relationships?.

That way it's more truthful and accurate. Bad boys and clean cut mommy's boys not need apply! Pretty boys and Chris Furrh! This is inappropriate for an encyclopedia article. Anybody care to update it? Nevermind, I added a few paragraphs about it. The Rllmuk Connection The subsection about Rllmuk deals with an organization that may not be sufficiently well-known to be included in the article. The Wikipedia community welcomes newcomers, and encourages them to become Wikipedians. However, to merit inclusion in tequil encyclopedia proper, a subject must be notable. After a debate on whether or not Rllmuk is notable hequila for Wikipedia, we found out it boobb. We encourage you to write or improve articles on notable subjects.

Delete the Rllmuk Connection again if you like, I won't put it back up. Sorry, bopb sure how I'm supposed to sign off here. The info box states that she's born in Singapore, but the article bobo itself states that she "moved away from Vietnam where she was born. I edited the article to correct this. Then Lbmixpro reverted that bkob. I just edited the article again to correct the Internet celebrities linking again. The format for listing an article about a person in a category is, in this case, Category: Internet celebrities Nguyen, Tila.

Tila tequila befor boob job is what my edit corrected, so please don't revert it or edit it back to the incorrect link again. Other than having "Tila" instead of "Nguyen" in the article, I don't think it reads like an ad for Tila. I written the biography with the corollary of Wikipedia: Make articles useful for readers in mind. Since Nguyen isn't a formal public figure, I tequil the article Tika be a little loose than others. I used the "rebellious tomboy" and "Jealousy" terms to keep the article interesting. But I tequilla find a better term for the period of time between her photoshoot with Stuff ojb her signing with Interscope.

How else can we word it? In the meantime, you might wanna consider using some more pronouns here replacing some of those "Nguyen"s with "her" and "she". For example, the paragraph "However, jealousy had taken its toll on the group and Nguyen fled to Queens, New York for some time. There, she returned to her previous state of partying and drugs. Once she returned to Texas, she had a three-way relationship with two other girlfriends until she decided she couldn't handle her lifestyle and she began to focus on her studies, as well as obtaining a couple of jobs" isn't really encyclopedic is it? If such loose language is to be used in this entry, it needs to be restructed to be shown from the original source.

For example, "According to xxx, the group fell apart due to "jealousy", and Nguyen subsequently moved to NY Someone moved the Tila Nguyen page to this, Tila Tequilawithout discussing it on this talk page. He claims Tila Tequila is primary usage. Does everyone agree with this? Or should we move it back to Tila Nguyen? Tila's Hotspot refers her as Nguyen. But until recently the press have referred to her as Nguyen, Especially during her modeling days. All the magazines call her Tila Tequila now, it's easier than trying to pronounce Tee-lah Nu-weeng. A Googlefight states that Tequila is more prominent by far. I think at this point, unless things change drastically, the article should stay Tila Tequila.

Nguyen shows a recent spike for Tequila, but Nguyen much more stable. I think we can move it back. I think she should be referred to as Tequila I feel this article was very well written; despite having no prior exposure to Tila Nguyen and little interest in her brand of entertainment, I was nevertheless interested and found myself enjoying the article. This article is well organized, and seems to follow the Wikipedia style guidelines. The article also impresses because it adheres admirably to the standards of reference citation necessary for biographies of living persons. The sources seem highly credible and easily verifiable. The use of inline citations is commendable, and seems to contain no original research, and retains a very neutral point of view, appearing neither to be a fan site nor the opposite.

The bredth of this article was perfect, covering appropriate topics and avoiding unnecessary trivia. I am also pleased to see not only images, but other media links available in this article. I feel as though the media complement the text nicely. Congratulations on a job well done to all editors involved! I would suggest continuing improvements on this article to aim for eventual featured article status, as I believe would be possible with continued improvements and refinement. TheM62Manchester with no explanation. I always thought it was the former, but I've heard some people pronounce it as Noo-wen.

So which one is it? Why sigh, cutie pie? However you pronounce it, just make sure that it's all contained within one syllable. Even though the criticism has been worked into the article seamlessly. It is not in depth whatsoever. I think this article glosses over the fact that she posed for literally THOUSANDS of naked pictures and videos on her own website no "spread eagles" or stuff like that, but some of which show clearly visible labia some of which are still floating around on the internet. But which she has since removed from her website since becoming famous much to the disappointment of her fans. Also, I think this should totally be at Tila Tequila now.

I wouldn't go so far as saying she was a porn star but she even did some lesbian-themed videos where she made out with other naked women and simulated I'm guessing it was simulated performing and receiving oral sex with other women - and yet now she is becoming a star and it's like that stuff never happened!

Boob befor job tequila Tila

I mean, come on. It's notable because that's mainly how she got famous - and now she's trying to hide it, or at least pretend it never happened. My question, however, joh how you would befod this into the article? Is ttequila any way to confirm this actually happened now that she has deleted the evidence? I have alot of "evidence" on my computer, but I'm not sure if that counts as a valid source. P -- Karafias The issue above only means that the modeling section needs expansion. We all know she was in Playboy, but we never focused on her marketing during her modeling years prior to MySpace.

Come to think about it, many glamour models pose similar to what Brjatlick described, and Nguyen is a glamour model, right?

Karafias said that her modeling is what got her famous. Do we have any reliable source which states this? I'm suprised I haven't found any yet, other than her hip-hop skill s are not up to par with others. We can't just look at a set of nude photos Tila has taken and assume that's how jjob became an internet celeb. Maybe beefor should also focus on articles about the users of MySpace; I remember reading in an interview about Nguyen's status as most popular artist on MySpace because of people who come to MySpace to find eye-candy. As Nguyen becomes for famous, the more this will come out.

Considering the pictures availible on the internet a few years back, I would have expected the article to refer to her as a "nude model turned pop star". I do remember being rather surprised at finding her "new" site some time ago, and not finding any of Tdquila pictures I expected, but instead a tequil of talk about an upcoming album and so hequila, and I do get the feeling that she's trying to "hide her dirty past", so to speak. Nude photos of Nguyen are still being sold, apparently, at http: It even says on her Myspace http: When Tila was one year old, her family moved to Houston, Texas. Growing up in a strict environment, Tila wanted to depart and experience the freedoms of her new land, but mostly had a troubled youth, as she went around with the least desirable peers.

At age sixteen, Tila left home for New York City, but couldn't make a go of it, and returned to Houston where a lucky encounter with a magazine agent gave her the opportunity to try modeling. At nineteen, she became a successful model for men's magazines, after which she moved to Hollywood where she modeled for magazines and automobile shows. By chance, she acquired a contract to appear as a spokesmodel for Nintendo. This broadened her horizons and her appeal and she became a popular model for calendar shoots. It needs to be referenced there, and the above myspace page doesn't cut it- as Lbmixpro pointed out, it's not her page, it's a fan page.

For all we know they're just reproducing info they found here. Though you have to pay to get all the good stuff on the site so I don't know if it's worth it to readd the link -- propaganda? I meant what do u mean when you are using it??? Well, I don't because she sounds like a White girl when she speaks English. She hasn't stated she returned to vietnam, so I doubt she can speak it. But when she speaks English, she sounds like such a White girl. I doubt she can speak Vietnamese, she's never mentioned it either. I know Latinas that sound like her, that must mean they can't speak Spanish, right?

I'm usually mistaken for some white chick over the phone yes, I sound even whiter than Tila and yes, I speak Vietnamese close to fluently. It says something about "girlfriends" in this article; is this in the "love" sense or in a "friends" way?

Overall, Tila is still young and does not show any major signs of aging. Filler injected in her lips is possible as well. Overall, Casey is still young and does not show any major signs of aging. In the photo at left was taken inyou can see the roundness of her breast that Tila Tequila already had breast implants, but were of a size to fit her small body and short stature. In the photo at right taken inyou can see with implants Tila grands much that not only seem too f the frame of her body, but also have a round appearance and rigid unnatural. Many women with small breasts and want to have very large implants begin with an average size and a few years later she put silicon bigger.

This is to avoid too great a stretch of the skin which results in stretch marksbut Tila would have been much more natural and proportionate if she had stayed with her first silicones. Tila Tequila had plastic surgery to increase her breast size, right around the time she turned It is fairly obviously that she has implants because of the obvious roundness of them, but Tila showed some good judgement when picking her implant size and did not go too big. She chose to go from an A cup to a B cup, which looks good on her.

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