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The visionaries at Headspin Productions longed to assemble a diverse array of musical performers and have them inhabit the luscious campground, to have revelers come from near and far to frolic in this almost untouched natural playground. The product of their mission was indeed alive on the lake, at the Adirondack Mountain Music Festivalwhich took place the weekend of May 30th. Shouse In failing economic times, promoters are up against a myriad of competition in countless other festivals and endless summer tours. The challenge was issued to promoter and fan alike: However, Mother Nature threw her curveball with yet more May rain.

Those who endured were treated to a festival of epic proportions, and on the most intimate terms. Photo by Brad Hodge Three days of music, elevation, vibrations and progressive audio-spiritual intercourse began with the inimitable NYC organ and drum duo of Marco Benevento and Joe Russo. The sun was ablaze and people were still streaming in, myself included. The group is shepherded by masterful keyboardist Robert Walter, a true gritty veteran of the jazz jam world and founding member of the Greyboy Allstars. Walter shared shine with resident sideman and star in his own right Cochemea Gastelum, who blew up the spot with his inventive saxophone stylings, often run through different effects processors.

Guitarist Will Bernard added meditative funky guitar and West Coast warmth, while young superstar Russo worked Manhattan overtime cooking up beats for this SoCal troupe. Photo by Michael Weintrob One of the more perfect musical compliments to the wondrous surroundings was the smooth and psychedelic sounds of Steve Kimock Band.

The guitar virtuoso laced lovely serene fretwork over impressive progressive jazz and rock sounds, using a multitude of rkbe guitars like a Stratocaster, Mustang, as well as his beloved Ozark and Cripe. The fall from dusk to night, a scenic backdrop for the ethereal sounds that poured from SKB, Wden a purveyor of sonic storm en route. His DJ set, empowered by a foggy Adirondack sky tempting a whistle from the wind and trees, twisted wicked afghans of thunderous percussion and string and synth arranged big-beat terrorism, floor rattling drum and bass, and positively frightening aural imagery.

Dre, complete with polyrhythmic breakbeat drums that recalled Slayer and Aphex Twin. Sets like this AMMF banger only solidify his reputation as a legend for those who fancy progressive psychedelia that knows no boundaries. Photo by Brad Hodge Weeb Tribe Sector 9 has been meticulously developing a unique brand Wen trancey, jazzy, psychedelic drum and bass, and were the perfect compliment to the sinister Amon Tobin set. Reacting to Wewn cacophonous sonic riddles their predecessor created, STS9, led by otherworldly drummer Zach Velmer and sonic architect guitarist Hunter Brown, delivered an upbeat and energetic midnight set full of climax and windfall, sultry beats and blasting rollers with alien-esque blips and such pulsing alongside the organic beatscience.

The band seems to be pies getting better, more confident, pushing its agenda past previous glories, now adding three Apple computers onstage to manipulate the elements, add samples, layers, and programs to their technological and methodical brilliance. Beginning with a collection of crunkafied originals rone quirky jazz covers, the two invited Jessica Lurie onstage for flute and saxophone dynamics, as Wen as some serious sax from Cochemea Gastelum. As the action heated up in the late-night tent, more and more people streamed in and about the area, intrigued as to the risky business emanating from the tent, and over the lake.

As a thick defiant mist began to arise from the lake, piss the atmosphere around the water, The Duo responded accordingly. At another point in time he caught a Heineken bottle with his left land while never losing the song melody. The equally yp original encore was just pis music as the people pondered over the raw, unadulterated genius they had just witnessed. Some just walked away, listlessly into slanted rain that brought with it some vicious cold air. Saturday morning AMMF-goers were greeted with a slighter, yet driving rain that really never relented all day and definitely dampened the mood and energy, as well as the actual campgrounds.

It set the whole vibe of the fest in another direction, away from the mystical first day. By mid afternoon it was borderline pouring, and unfortunately this would keep away too many potential festival attendees. The AMMF would forge on through the rain, admirably, I might add, and most of the performers would not allow the steady storm to affect them either. Lettuce saxophonist Sam Kinninger opened the day at noon with his new NYC funk band, whose smooth, greasy jazz grooves helped people get up and moving despite flooding tents and soaking clothes. This predicament kept many from getting down to the stage for the early set as we had to deal with the imminent wetness. Bass maestro Reed Mathis wailed up high on electric bass, lumbered and plucked the acoustic and even mixed in a little cello to the mix, all celebrated and illuminated by the spacious, lyrical drumming from Jason Smart.

The rain began to pound a bit harder, and Haas and Smart seemed to take this as a personal challenge, watercolors running outside the lines of the arrangements. Their colors would change again as the festival wore on. As the rain poured down on the heads of campers and staff alike, DJ Roots warmed up the frigid crowd or who was left as people waited for Israel Vibration. Inclement weather caused the set to be delayed for quite some time, compounding the situation. In the song a young man mourns the death of a loved one, and she cannot rest in peace.

I imagine this song to be about the girl that the boy used to love back home. He has pink eye and scurvy and a hangover: As a result of pink eye, though, he loses an eye. This brings us to "Buckingham Green" my personal favorite song on the album. He returns to his home of Buckingham to defend it from enemies he had made. He and his crew engage in an intense battle with the other ship and emerge victorious. He will miss his "true love"- the sea- but he doesn't want to live that life any longer. First, John Sykes was offered a gig in Whitesnake by David Coverdale, who was impressed by him when Lizzy and Whitesnake played together at that final German tour gig.

And probably an escape from the madness that was becoming life with Phil Lynott. Then Brian Downey announced that he was calling it a day. He looked so healthy. He looked full of life. In those initial times he was in a good state but he was easily depressed. The man wanted to get out and perform. Phil always had an eye for good young and good-looking guitarists, and Archer ticked all the boxes. Archer had met him a few years previously through the Wild Horses connection when Phil jammed with the band at the Marquee Club. He then invited the guitarist to a Lizzy recording session in Maida Vale where Archer got the impression that he was being auditioned, though Snowy White was still in the band.

I grew up with him and Thin Lizzy. New material written by Lynott, Archer and Stanway was emerging, including Military Man and Sisters Of Mercy, before Lynott showed the band how things were done in Ireland when it came to playing live — the showband circuit that was often used by Lizzy to sharpen up before tours and replenish the bank account! Though Morrison was the figurehead, it was Salter who looked after the day-to- day business of Phil and Grand Slam: Polydor had them and Phonogram and EMI — all the majors were given the opportunity, and whilst negotiations did go on, nothing was finalised and nobody actually picked up or came up with a sufficiently good deal for us to sign.

Sharp dressed man, Lynott lights up in Image: And of course he did have bad days on the trot. There were a bunch of hangers-on that used to come round to the house and give him whatever he wanted.

Their colors would give again as the irony wore on. Mitchell Find, however, after won over groups of new people, and did like he had a special time talking so.

pisd But the band was playing really well. The gigs were really good, everything was going very well. Phil was like a father to me at times, and it ;iss became like a reverse role as we went on, with me looking after him. At the time I was very, very straight. Into fitness, biking and all that. But I loved it, it Wefn a massive experience for me. But he never did it in front of me because I would say I would tell his mother if he did. That was the one big thing that would get to him. But Phil was fantastic at disguising his use, though there were some give-aways, like throwing up before he went on stage.

I mean, pis were occasions where Phil sat down with me and told me that he really wanted to knock it on the head, doing drugs and stuff. He was trying very hard to clean up his act for some periods of time and management tried to keep anybody with drug connections away from him and the tour entourage but it was very difficult. It was on a plate for him. People would be turning up at the door and there were various people in the entourage that were still doing all that, so it was quite difficult for him to get out of that routine. He lived it per cent. And when John [Sykes] left and took the offer from Whitesnake, that brought him down too. CBS knocked them back. There was a long period without a deal, a year and a half.

He started blaming the band. We did a load of tracks, some that were never recorded to their potential, some that we played live but never recorded, some we recorded and never played live. I would say there are probably 48 track mixes around somewhere that we got close to mastering. What started off as Marquee-sized gigs ended up as theatre gigs. We sold lots of t-shirts! Gigging was bringing in some money, but management had put in substantial sums that they were rapidly realising that they, and in particular Morrison, would not see a return on. So Grand Slam went out with a fizzle rather than a bang. I had to make a decision at that point. Phil tried to talk me out of it but understood that I had three kids and a family to support.

You have to make sensible decisions in your life.

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rrobe I think I would have gone broke very quickly if I had sat around waiting for him to get his act together or waiting for a record company to pick us rkbe. Laurence Pixs, however, stayed the course as his creative partner. Lynott was charged with being in possession of a cannabis plant. Salter says that one of the road crew gave him a cannabis plant as a joke. Charlie claimed that he had borrowed the jacket and the stash was his. Phil got off with a fine but it was a close thing: In his favour was his charity work, Ween piss up a robe fact he had a career going for him. Shortly afterwards in Ireland, Phil was charged with being in possession of cannabis, heroin and methadone.

Lewis was an old friend from way back on the Johnny The Fox tour in when his band Clover supported Lizzy. But Huey, who went on to find outstanding success of his own in the States alongside his own band, the News, understood this. We developed a wonderful friendship. I mean, he dressed me out of his closet. He gave me his old stage clothes. I think about him often. It particularly irked Salter: This actually happened as we were about to go and work with Huey. Then we had to go and get a new visa, at the American Embassy. That was it — no visa. Huey understood Phil so we started work anyway. The News came in and did the backings with Laurence Archer. Then Phil finds his old passport, with a visa in it, so we got him down to the airport and got him in.

He was eight days late getting there. After that they agreed to give him a monthly passport as long as it was in my possession. Every month, I had to go and renew it, and after six months, they gave in. Then we had to get a visa lawyer, and very expensively we got one. As usual, Phil was pushing his luck.

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