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It's an important question to ask because fashion and the production of clothing is the second leading polluting industry in the world.

Traditional cotton requires pesticides and about gallons of water to make one t-shirt. Those pesticides run off into the local water supplies, polluting the water for drinking, agricultural, livestock, and other uses. In fact, according to the World Bank, 20 percent of the global industrial water pollution came from the fashion industry in The city does not enforce the meters on Sundays and holidays. Smallman Street runs parallel to Penn Ave. These lots belong to private owners that are not affiliated with Club Pittsburgh and your vehicle may be towed. Certain blocks have parking time restrictions. For instance, parking is prohibited on Penn Ave. Some streets have posted street cleaning hours.

Please check the area carefully for these postings. We also do not recommend parking in a pay lot where no attendant is present. However, there are certain precautions that you should take when parking in any urban area. Make sure that your vehicle is locked. Two showrooms display ceramics, glass works, jewelry, apparel, paintings, prints and woodworks. In addition to buying Pittsburgh-made and Pittsburgh-themed art, patrons can also participate in art classes and view rotating exhibitions that Artsmiths curates.

The shop is owned and run by a mother and her daughters. But he says other demographic factors do play a part. For example, he says, it doesn't hurt to arrive with ladies in tow.

Brandon Connor, a black year-old Lawrenceville resident, says he once went to a South Side club to celebrate a friend's birthday. By the time he got there, he says, more than a dozen female friends of his were already inside the bar. But the bouncer refused Connor entry because he didn't comply with the dress code. Thompson says bouncers sometimes bend the rules once you waive a few bucks in front of them. Miming as if he's flipping through bills, Thompson continues, "'Can I come in now with my hat? The law allows bars and clubs to institute dress codes -- unless "those who crafted the policy have an intent to limit or restrict [admittance to] a particular group of people.

If they're going to put [a dress code] in place, it has to be applied uniformly. Last October, a media firestorm ensued when students from Washington University, in St. Louis, complained of uneven enforcement by a bar in Chicago. The students had organized a senior class trip to the city, with a stop at a popular nightclub there.

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But while nearly white students were admitted to the bar, six black classmates were denied entrance by a bouncer -- supposedly for having baggy jeans. Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33 — A large assortment of Taiwanese dishes. The pancakes clothinh an absolute must. Commonplace Coffee — One of Pittsburgh's newest coffee chains, and one of our personal favorites. Hidden Harbor — A tiki bar with impressive drinks and themed nights on weekdays. Independent Brewing Company — A local bar serving up many Pittsburgh and regional favorites! Mineo's Pizza House — A local favorite pizza shop. Aiello's Pizza — A second local favorite pizza shop just a few doors down from Mineo's. The Greek Gourmet — A small Greek grocery store with prepared food items ready to go.

Pittsburgh clothing chinese district Strip

Much like the restaurants featured above, the neighborhood has a high concentration of Asian and Jewish themed shops, as well as larger chains, boutique shops, and more- all within walking distance of each other. Like the restaurants, the below list is not a complete collection, and is instead a listing of some of our favorite spots to get you started. Global Market Retail — A second import shop featuring beautiful pieces from around the globe. Paititi inti — An artisan shop featuring clothing, fabric, and other decorations from South America.

It really is all a matter of function. If I need to be out for a long time, if I need to go for a job, what is going to serve me well in this environment? So this jacket, in particular, is great for shooting [photographs] because I can throw in batteries, I can throw in a pen, I can roll my sleeves up so I can be comfortable. The chinos as well — I can move around, and I can dress them up or down.

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