Warwick thumb 6 string

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Thumb 6 string specs

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If you like to play a bass that has a bit of a chunkier neck, this is not the bass for you. With those control options, and that pickup, you have a lot of tonal options under your fingertips.

Which is one of the reasons i loved this bass. I never fiddled with the amp. I play in a wedding band and could go from dub reggae, to motown, to rock no problem. The Swiss army knife of basses!! Here are some pictures. Ive tried to include as many as possible. Any more you want let me know. Apologise that they are poor quality, i only have my phone to take the photos with. Its hard to get a good impression of the bass through photos, and for this reason i really would prefer the potential buyer to come and try it out.

I live in South Wales. You are welcome to dtring your entire amp and speaker set up, or you can use mine. I will post, but it will be up to the buyer to arrange courier, and it will be at their own risk. I will do everything i can to package it up safely, but i wont take responsibility for what happens after it has left my hands!! Of cours this is my opinion. The bass cuts right through my band which has the always too loud playing drummer, guitarist, keyboardplayer and a 5-piece hornsection!

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Little variety because the pickups are closely put at the bridge. MEC are silent, have used in the studio as well and it worked fine for me. No complaints from the engineer! For the fingerstyle funk I'll take the Warwick for it's growl. Slapping is for my Sadowsky. Body needs care, oil or wax it regularly. Strap buttons are solid. I can rely on my Warwick. USe my Lakland or Sadowsky 5 always as a back up.

6 string thumb Warwick

I Warwiick bought a bolt-on because of my bad experience with neck through models. I like Bolt-on basses! Warwick has a stable and firm neck!

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