Vintage belt 1963

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1963 Vintage belt

You've been outbid by someone else. You can still win! You've been outbid by bept else's max bid. Individual liberty[ edit ] Opponents have objected to the laws on libertarian principles. For example, in a letter to the editor of the New York Timesa writer argued that seat belt legislation was "coercive" and that "a mandatory-seat-belt law violates the right to bodily privacy and self-control". Another notable scenario is of rear-seated passengers being forced forward in a crash and thus inadvertently harming the driver or front passenger. The passengers head continues to move forward while the body is restrained, potentially causing paralyzing injuries.

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A study of such injuries notes, "Seatbelts save lives. However, they may cause injury to adjacent Vntage and when they malfunction can cause injury to the abdominal viscera, bony skeleton and vascular structures. The motor industry has attempted to reduce these injuries by modification of vehicle design and safety equipment. There are two belts per passenger. Each belt must be securely anchored to the floor.

Use a backing plate to reinforce the floor. A backing plate can be fashioned out of a piece of gauge steel with an area of about 6 square inches. Common practice is to run the two outermost straps directly from the anchor to the person's lap without passing between the two seat cushions. Inner belts are run through the seat. These come with large steel washers that you position under metal floor and backing plate. Some anchors have captive nuts to make the installation easier. After securing each strap in its anchor, it should be adjusted for length.

If your old car has a wooden floor, anchoring the seat belt to the wood is useless. This requires extra drilling and fabrication. If brackets are added, remember that mild steel brackets must be painted to keep from rusting.

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