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Her father left with tears. When Sneha stood up, he asked her to wear her saree. Sneha was not able towalk… she slowly collected her saree from the floor and searched her blouse andpanty. Raaj told her to wear only saree…. Without any inner wears. She wore andher mid riff was just above her navel. Raaj asked her to keep the mid riff ofher saree exactly in her pussy hair. Now the homelylady sneha was looking like sex goddess…. She was like a perfect lady to bedrilled. Sneha… this entire fucking session was filmed through that camera. Heshowed the camera which was fixed in the corner of the top floor.

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Everyone has teared her pussy till now. Now itis my duty to tear Sexy saree meena blouse sex pics ass hole. I wanted to teach a lesson for her. I called herfather inside. He came and saw both of us. I was completely nude and hisdaughter was looking sexy in her low pussy saree. Sneha whispered to me…. Raaj…why did you call my father inside… let him be out side… she closed her pussy. Look sneha…He already saw your pussy when I fuck in your ass hole. There is nothing tohide hereafter. Let him bring some grapes and ice-cream for our play. I called herfather separately and asked him… Look mister, now I am going to fuck yourdaughter. I understood you have some attraction on your daughter.

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Then I cameto sneha and told her; your father accepted to watch your dirty actions andyour dirty holes. She was shocked by hearing this. Raaj… what are you saying…he is my father…. Sneha…you have the beautiful assets that any man can turn Sexy saree meena blouse sex pics you. Your father…your brothers… everyone have their own wish to see you in nude condition…. Youwith wide opened pussy and with bare boobs and asses…. She was in last stage ofshock… she was speechless. As herfather brought the things. I took him separately and asked him to be nudeinside the cabin which is covered by glass. Now he removed his dresses and was standinginside the glass room.

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