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My bookkstore working definition is that a gay text is one that is amenable to a gay reading. As simple as that. In books like these, you hope not only to see how people boikstore lived out their same-sex desires and relationships, but to learn from them how we might live differently, today, to our own advantage. Such works open our eyes to fresh possibilities. The diaries of Anne Lister A great treasure of lesbian social history. But here people get stomach upsets and venereal diseases. Not to mention hot lesbian action: Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman This is the American epic poem its author wanted it to be, befitting the landmass and political system it celebrates.

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But it also delivers intensely personal lyric poetry about comradeship between men. Yet even the focused intensity of a love poem like When I heard at the close of the dayclearly speaking of a particular individual, relates outwards to the grander theme of democratic comradeship. Each handclasp represents all handclasps. Eye contact with a stranger, accepted and maintained, represents the warmth of equality. The lanky, relaxed verse, with its long lines and self-perpetuating lists, creates the impression of a society of endless possibilities, where the pursuit of happiness is taken as seriously as life and liberty themselves. Everything is subject to time, but art can stave off oblivion for a while — for a few centuries, say — until the loving epitaph on a tombstone finally cr