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To those who then gave her, she was fun, below and adventurous. She had a false hedge.

Jones had gained considerable fame as a nude model and was a well-known figure in the adult world at the time of her retirement.

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Jones' mother, Donna Jones Noeller, subsequently filed a federal lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas against the Globe, claiming she never gave the interview and the tabloid manufactured her statements. She was a storyteller. We all had a big laugh about that one. She was terrified to death of the guy. Jones suffered multiple fractures to her arm in January The last time I saw her was in February for some appearances.

Jones porn Chole

Very little information about her jomes was publicly released, except that the official cause was attributed to liver failure. In the restraining order filing, she states Sheen never denied seeing Jones. Chloe Jones Passes Away By: To those who really knew her, she was fun, crazy and adventurous. She would stay with me when she came to LA.

My condolences to her family. She just wanted to Choel loved. Her 30th birthday would have been June pporn Before she was able to make her comeback, however, her health began to fail; she died less than two weeks before her thirtieth birthday. She was Texas-sized fun and often times quite the pain in the ass but if you really spent any social time with her, you realized she was totally cool. Jones' claims were met widely with disbelief, in part because she sold her "story" of Sheen to a tabloid. Her next goal was to write a book.

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