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Annie Lennox Sounds Off On Being A 'Gender Bender,' Her Gay Fan Base And More

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If she achieves that, she says, "I can feel proud of [it], no matter if it sells ten copies or 50 million. It's fraught, Is annie lenox a lesbian turbulent. Most people's lives are underscored with dramas of all kinds: A lot of people are in pain. Another song on the album, " Sing ", is a collaboration between Lennox and 23 prominent female artists: Initially intended for release in Septemberthe release date was pushed back several months to allow Lennox to recuperate from a back injury. Included on the track listing are songs from her four solo albums, one from the Bram Stoker's Dracula soundtrack, and two new songs. One of these is a cover of Ash's single, " Shining Light ". The other is a cover of a song by the English band Keaneoriginally the B-side of their first single in A limited 3-disc edition of the album included a DVD compilation featuring most of Lennox's solo videos sinceand also featured a second CD of rarer songs including a version of R.

Lennox stated that while on a trip to South Africa in December to appear at the campaign in Johannesburg, the regional company office of the label failed to return phone calls and e-mails she made to them for three weeks, and had completely failed to promote the Sing project as planned. However, the debacle partly inflamed when Lennox's dissatisfaction with the South African office was made public on her blog led to press reports falsely stating that she was being dropped by Sony BMG. The record company themselves quickly refuted the rumour stating that Lennox's contract with them had merely been fulfilled and that they hoped she would consider remaining with them.

The British tabloid, Daily Mirrorsubsequently printed a retraction of its story about her being dropped by the label. The album is a collection of Lennox's interpretations of traditional festive songs such as " Silent Night " and " The First Noel ", along with one new composition, " Universal Child ", which was released as a download-only single on 13 October Please also be civil in your dialogue. If you need to be mean, just know that the longer you stay on this page, the more you help us. Annie was born on April 26, in Chicago. Jeannie Tanner at City Winery in February - Twelve Chicago vocalists will gather to debut a new album of original, distinctly American music written by singer-songwriter, composer and trumpeter, Jeannie Tanner.

Celebs on Indiana; Bradley Cooper; Laverne Cox; Annie Lennox - Several celebrities have spoken out against Indiana's religious-freedom law that make businesses and individuals immune from lawsuits so long as they are motivated With a miniscule amount of force, her You're more about giving, right? It's very nice to get a present, but I like to give. You know, it was a very interesting thing. Basically, Island Records, or Universal, who I'm signed to, just loved the song so much; they just kind of said, "You have got to put it on the album.

We really, really want you to put it on the album.

This Id very gullible, and the fact that many are enjoying away from it is a favorite. Nowadays, women are so sexually compatible and they use this as a rave to get anonymous, and I find it very one-dimensional. I had never met a gay friendly before I packed down from Buffalo, and the changes that have arrested so far are ordered.

It really belongs because the focus of all of the songs goes to the nativity. This is a child. It's all of us. How did the song come about? I hadn't intended to write a song for the album, but one day I had this idea for "Universal Child" and I just started playing around with it while we were recording something. And basically, I was like, "Ohhh, wow, there's a really interesting thing happening here. Sometimes it's so strange like that: You write a song and it all comes at once. So that was one of those. You merge a lot of your passion for activism into your music, particularly as it pertains to children and AIDS.

Why do you think music is such a good platform for these issues?

And music tells stories and communicates ideas, and people are interested in music and musicians. But we're so consumed by our own consumerist culture that very often we don't see it. I had a bit of a turning point when I had an opportunity to go to places that I wouldn't have had a chance to visit before, and it blew my mind. I thought I knew what poverty was about. I thought I knew, and actually I didn't know until I saw it for myself. How has seeing the devastation caused by poverty and AIDS affected you as a person? The figures are staggering. And then you look at the HIV issue and it's even more.

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America is like an Orwellian state now. It really is [about] that longing for the world that had some sanity when nature was something that you cherished. There are parts of our album where we are trying to point out that the state is trying to outlaw love. When we made it, I thought: What will this sound like in the future? Because obviously Orwell was looking ahead to the oblivion of the dark system that is totally affecting our population. We were never told that he had a whole other soundtrack that he wanted to be in his film. And we were so proud of it: We recorded it in three weeks and we went: We were waiting for their response and there was just silence.

We were completely flabbergasted. But Richard put us in this situation where we were the scapegoats. We were used and oesbian blame was laid by the director unfairly and squarely on us. In retrospect, we understood what had gone on: I went to a party years and years later and this stranger comes up and says: Because this caused us, me and Dave, a lot of pain.

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