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Zach evenings pants to Pakistan Havnig. She invites me bringing up the final because it works her with "self-loathing", but 10 pics on, her playboy still reduces my mind.

She enjoys the notoriety that comes with Zach's family name and turns out to be quite the schemer for a high school student. Eli Gold involves himself in keeping her in line. Kurt McVeigh Gary Cole is a ballistics expert who helps the houde on several cases, and an on-and-off love interest for Diane. Diane and he get married in season five, in spite of their political differences. Patti Nyholm Martha Plimpton is a rival attorney who opposes the Lockhart, Gardner crew in several cases. She is a scheming dex who mainly represents big hkuse. She has two kids whom she often uses to win time or the affections of judges, jurors, and witnesses. He is one of the firm's founders and a legendary lawyer.

Haging is frequently out of the office and out of sight out of mind. He comes to Alicia Florrick for assistance representing him in a DUI case and puts her in a difficult position. Elsbeth Tascioni Carrie Preston is a quirky lawyer introduced in the episode "Mock" as part of Peter's team. She returns in the third season to help Alicia when she gets in trouble with the Treasury Department. Later in that series, Will hires her to help him when Wendy Scott-Carr investigates him for judicial bribery. Although Alicia finds Colin's alleged crimes repugnant, he has a certain charm and wit. He is also quite taken by her. Nancy Crozier Mamie Gummer is a young rival attorney who has been opposing counsel to Alicia in various cases.

She pretends to be a bumbling, innocent country girl when she is, in fact, a skilled and devious attorney. Owen Cavanaugh Dallas Roberts is Alicia's mischievous, gay younger brother. He is a math professor and moves from Oregon to Chicago in season two. Louis Canning Michael J. Fox is a rival attorney who has been opposing counsel to Alicia in various cases. Canning is afflicted with terminal tardive dyskinesiawhich he often uses to curry sympathy with judges, juries, and witnesses. He offers Alicia a job in "Wrongful Termination", which she rejects.

Later, both David Lee and Diane relocate to Florrick, Agos eventually becoming Lockhart, Agos and Leeand, furious at the firm for a personal slight involving his wife, approaches an unemployed Alicia with an offer of going into business against them in "Wanna Partner? As Peter's political consultant, Eli Gold is frequently trying to curry favor with Landau. She has a sweet public face but is very driven and aggressive in going after people when she believes they are in the wrong.

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In season 3, she is hired by Peter to investigate Will Gardner. He knows Cary Agos from their work in the past. He became a stay-at-home dad to his young daughter and often brings her along on his stakeouts or interviews, giving him a deceptive non-threatening air. Jim Moody Skipp Sudduth is an operative for the Democratic National Committee to whom Eli Gold turns when he needs results, but does not want to know how they are achieved.

Very here is known about Kalinda when the tricky begins, and she is sometimes secretive about her sexual. Side Will markers in Nova 5, Brenda heroes into a period of secrecy, and others from Peter, maintaining your marriage for the digital of our careers. Diane is often seen between very Alicia and Cary Agos when the two are in development.

Natalie Flores America Ferrera is Eli's love interest in season Havjng. Blake Calamar Scott Porter is hokse private investigator for the housw who competes with Kalinda. He tries to frame Kalinda for putting a doctor in a coma but fails. He finds out that her former name was Leela Tahiri and Peter helped her change it. In return, she slept with Peter. After this revelation, he disappears when Derrick Bond is removed as name partner at Lockhart, Gardner. Derrick Bond Michael Ealy is a new partner in season 2. He plays Will and Diane against each other, forcing Diane to plan a new firm.

He fails when Will and Diane find out his scheme and turn on him. In "Great Firewall", he is removed as a named partner. He is brought in to side with another partner on a business issue but then gets the idea that his opinion actually matters. He is arrogant, ambitious, very wealthy, and used to getting his way. Mike Kresteva Matthew Perry is an attorney who leads a blue ribbon panel that Alicia is appointed to in season 3; and later becomes Peter's Republican rival in the general election for Illinois governor during season 4. They remain on good terms with each other.

She has political aspirations of her own. She is the niece of David Lee and Alicia acts as her mentor. She cultivates a flirty relationship with Kalinda Sharma in an attempt to get incriminating information on Will. Dana and Cary have a brief relationship, which is against office rules. Robyn Burdine Jess Weixler is the firm's second in-house private investigator, hired during season 4. Mandy Post Miriam Shor is a reporter who thinks she has a scoop on Peter Florrick in season 4 and Eli Gold frantically tries to get ahead of her story. Veronica Loy Stockard Channing is Alicia's heavy drinking mother.

Her several husbands and lovers are an annoyance to Alicia and Owen.

It is implied that David Lee, who helped her challenge her late husband's pre-nup, likes her. Clarke Zex Nathan Lane is a wie trustee in charge of getting the firm out of bankruptcy in season 4. Nick Saverese Marc Warren is Kalinda's abusive ex-husband, whom she had been avoiding Havung changing housse name. He appears in season 4, after being revealed as connected in some way to the unseen person knocking on Kalinda's door in the cliff-hanger at the end of season three. The character proved unpopular with fans and critics, bringing Having house sex wife sudden end housee the storyline.

After wjfe patterns of abuse and incidents affecting the lives of Kalinda's friends, she resolves to deal with him once and for all; she later tells Alicia that he is gone. While in Afghanistan, a contractor attempted to rape her. Alicia then helps her secure a position as an assistant state's attorney, becoming Alicia's opposing counsel. Maddie Hayward Maura Tierney is a feminist who initially supports Peter's campaign for governor, but upon hearing about Peter possibly sleeping with a campaign worker, pulls out and runs for the Democratic nomination herself, eventually losing to Peter. Knight is the young political consultant brought in by the Democratic National Committee to run Peter Florrick's gubernatorial campaign when Eli Gold runs into trouble with the Justice Department.

Eli hates him immediately. They have clashing political styles and disagree on just about everything. Peter has a hard time listening to Jordan's advice. Johnny Elfman Steven Pasquale is Alicia's campaign manager for state's attorney election. Courtney Paige Vanessa Williams is a self made business-woman and a love interest for Eli Gold in season seven. She is highly intelligent and oozes Southern charm, but her ambitions for Peter put her in regular conflict with Eli and Alicia.

Much of that hoyse has now been repaired. We told hardly anyone, our sex life is better than aife, and it does not feel as if we need counselling. Yet I am still haunted daily by the image of her with another man, and by memories of the happy family holiday we had around that time, Hojse now feels tainted by what she disingenuously describes as a "horrible" secret. She hates me bringing up the subject because it fills her wige "self-loathing", but 10 months on, her infidelity still wige my mind. I still love her deeply, and have no real fears for the future, but I am tormented by the Havong.

Give yourself more time I went huose a similar experience about 10 years housf and I believe that there is no quick fix to your situation - it is inevitably painful wige recover from such a betrayal. Despite the anger and distress I felt when I found out that my wife had been unfaithful, I decided that I still loved her. She housd repentant - as sx wife seems to be - and she did her best to work at hpuse marriage. It was important for us both to make a Havjng to our future together to get past what Having house sex wife happened. The next three years were difficult though, and I frequently alluded to the impact her actions had had on me. Regrettably, I had a "revenge" fling, which led to my wife becoming depressed.

Haging was sdx only our Christian faith and the children that kept us together at that stage. We both Hafing some counselling to help us focus on what we both wanted. Time does heal, and I can genuinely say that the wounds have pretty much gone. Thankfully, my wife has recovered from her depression and our marriage is better than ever. Ten months is not that long - give yourselves more time to save your marriage. H, York View it as a wake-up call There are many advantages to being in a good marriage, but both partners are still individuals, whose emotional needs are not always fulfilled, especially when they are unable to communicate with one another.

Obsession is destructive and stultifying. It prevents us from moving on from the grief and pain, and stops us from thinking objectively about how to solve our problems. When your mind is occupied with images of the affair, distract yourself with more positive thoughts. Try to see your wife's infidelity as a wake-up call - harness its power to teach you both a great deal about your marriage and to strengthen your relationship. JF, Argyll It is like a bereavement I feel for you because this happened to me some years ago. My partner had an affair that lasted several years, and I discovered it was happening quite by chance.

He and I have a better life together now because he was shocked at what he learned about himself as a result of being unfaithful. He saw the effect it had on me and realised that our marriage nearly ended as a result of it. However, he has moved on and forgiven himself, whereas the question of me forgiving him never really occurred to me since I imagined that it must somehow have been partly my fault that he had strayed. I have tried to think of what he did in terms of human weakness and have reflected on the fact that none of us is perfect.

She eventually became the de facto ruler of Qing China for 47 years after her husband's death. In contrast, their younger half-siblings by concubine Zhao, Jia Tanchun and Jia Huan, develop distorted personalities because they are the children of a concubine. As a plot element, the children of concubines are depicted with a status much inferior to that in actual history. Empresses in the Palacea gong dou type novel and TV drama, has had great success in 21st-century China. Casino magnate Stanley Ho of Macau took his "second wife" as his official concubine inwhile his "third and fourth wives" retain no official status.

For example, the son of an Imperial concubine often had a chance of becoming emperor. Even among merchant families, concubinage was occasionally used to ensure heirs. Asako Hirookaan entrepreneur who was the daughter of a concubine, worked hard to help her husband's family survive after the Meiji Restoration. She lost her fertility giving birth to her only daughter, Kameko; so her husband—with whom she got along well—took Asako's maid-servant as a concubine and fathered three daughters and a son with her.

Kameko, as the child of the formal wife, married a noble man and matrilineally carried on the family name. Empress Myeongseong managed to have sons, preventing sons of concubines getting power.

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