What cause teen violence

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Violence Among Teens Can Spread Like a Disease, Study Finds

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Teen violence cause What

But if your teenager is being regularly verbally cuse or even physically violent, this can cause real problems in your home for both you and your family. Why are they doing it? There are all kinds of reasons why your teenager might be acting aggressive or violent. Have you and your partner recently split up?

Has there been a death in the family? Teens should see their parents and other role models handle conflicts in positive, non-violent ways. Second, parents should educate their youth about ways to handle their anger in a healthy way. Specifically parents should teach their youth to communicate problems with peers or trustworthy adults in a constructive manner, and to resolve conflicts in a non-violent manner while maintaining the respect of their peers. Teens must learn that it is possible to have powerful emotions such as anger, without acting out those emotions. Third, parents can also protect youth by encouraging involvement in healthy social and recreational activities and while stressing the importance of academic success for achieving their future goals.

These positive actions will limit the appeal of gangs and discourage youth from involvement with gangs. Exposure to Sexual Predators and Graphic Internet Violence In addition to fighting and gang violence, youth can also be exposed to graphic violence on the Internet.

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Teens can encounter all types of violence online, violfnce violent videos, hate messages on blogs and in chat rooms, and violent computer games. Youth who are curious about sex can find plenty of pornography on the Internet, some of which depicts sexual acts coupled with violence. By avoiding using violence, you are setting a positive causf of what you find acceptable. Whay support for yourself - Know what support you need, and pick and mix from your friends and relatives feen get the best fit that you can. Contact supports services violejce as our helpline on for support and advice.

Choosing Wht moments You can choose a feen moment, preferably one on one, to find out what is the route of their frustration and aggression. Listen to your teen and try to see their point of view. Even if you only see it slightly, let them know, instead of just disagreeing with everything. When your teen trusts that you can hear their views, they may be more likely to talk calmly instead of shouting. Try to resolve the argument with a compromise, or at least show that you have understood where their emotions are coming from. If the situation becomes too heated and you are finding it difficult to stay calm, walk away. Avoid blame, and let your teen know that you will be able to talk to them again when you have calmed down.

Local support It might be difficult for them to realise they have an issue and accept help. You could ask their school or college to support them so it might be worth involving the head of year or college wellbeing advisor. Make an appointment with your GP and try to get a referral to your local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHS as they will be able to give your child counselling or therapy to help them manage their feelings. Waiting times and referral procedures can vary. You could also ask your GP to make a referral to family therapy so everyone is able to work through this together.

They may have a local support programmes for parents that work to prevent the behaviour escalating.

They may accept self-referrals and it is worth finding out if they have a programme running in your area. To find out the contact details of your cakse YOS team, please click here. If tden are really struggling and feel unable to cope, it may be helpful to speak to your local Social Services about getting some support with your child's behaviour. Family Lives support At Family Lives, we do understand how different each situation is. Tden our causse on vioolence something we would strongly recommend. We always endeavour to help the parent understand that cauwe against them from their teenager is unacceptable and it is abuse. If their teenager behaved, in this way towards anyone else outside the family, they would have to face consequences and so they should understand they should be still accountable for their behaviour within the family.

Our support is non-judgemental, supportive and confidential. We explore options such as: Encourage your teen to speak to the team at The Mix who provide support to young people on any challenge they are facing. When it comes to other communicable diseases—say, a virus—the best way to avoid falling ill is to avoid the bug in the first place. Bushman thinks that this avoiding exposure is also the best for prevent violent behavior in teenagers. He also believes that the same contagious model could be used to spread non-violent behavior: By training teenagers to practice more empathy, schools and social workers could unleash positive behavior into social networks that would spread to people who don't receive treatment directly, he says.

Bond pointed to school-based violence prevention programs already in place across America to train students to practice peaceful conflict resolution, and said that their research could lead to better targeting of teenagers who would have the most social influence on their networks.

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