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She is connecting from the dullness tuning as well as from related films. Candy virtual it was very, very tall when she ran having sex and that she was 28 before she had met sex.

She can flex her tits with her arms in the overhead position. Her upbringing was rather harsh; her mother had been abused, and she did not want a repeat of that for her daughter.

Her measurements were reported to be 48 DD During this period, Candy made 4 aCndy 5 hardcore films, later opting to quit for fear of being prosecuted and also because actors at that time made very little money appearing in hardcore porn. According to her Web site, "I've always been a nudist at heart, which is surprising since I'm from the conservative midwest. During the course of the s she appeared in numerous black and white magazines in "cheesecake" poses. Subsequently, she began tearoom modeling in the San Fernando Valley.

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In addition to appearing in pornographic movies, she also appeared in some B-movie campy roles, including the science fiction spoof Flesh Gordon. In her own words, "[I] met a car salesman who I fell madly in love with and he took me for a long ride. She has written a monthly column, "Candy's Column," in Juggs magazine for a number of years. Candy was believed to have come from Kansas City to Los Angeles in She is retired from the dancing circuit as well as from pornographic films. Candy skyrocketed to fame and success most prominently in the s via consistently regular appearances in men's soft-core publications JuggsGentand Fling magazines, among others.

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