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Derek and Jennifer are having sex. Harris who is still missing, she means sick. Stiles tells Scott Jennifer teen the ER doctor wasn't strangled but still died from lack of air. They just don't know how. They wonder if the on-call doctor could still be alive. She is later captured and taken as a hostage to Derek's loft where she is held by the twins. Kali and Derek fight. Isaac sees an opportunity and goes to save Jennifer. The twins go and get Derek. Boyd dies and Kali and the twins leave. Blake talks about images, analogies, metaphors, and similes. She stops at Lydia's desk because she sees her drawing a tree and comments that she didn't know she had so many hidden talents.

Blake tells her that she just used an idiom. They are phrases that only make sense if you know key words.

Chris has an increased risk. Winston reassures her he won't be "reserved" to her feel.

Saying 'jump the gun' is only meaningful if you know about the starting gun in a race. Outside the school, Jennifer runs down some steps and finds Derek walking out into a parking lot. She rushes toward him and jumps into his arms. You really did need to be alone, didn't you? She explains that she doesn't feel safe because the twins are walking around school like nothing happened. He assures her that the twins aren't going to hurt her. The bell rings signaling next period, and Jennifer complains that some days she just wants to take a sledgehammer to the bell.

Derek grins and asks her to come back to his loft with him. She says that she can't because she has three more classes and she organized a recital honor the losses at the school. She thinks maybe it sounds a little dumb, and Derek tells her that it sounds perfect. They kiss again, and then she heads back to class. The history teacher is taken and Lydia asks Ms. Blake why no one is calling the police. Jennifer tells her that they're going to make an announcement over the PA system, but Lydia insists that Mr. Westover has been taken like the others and will be the second murder.

Blake point out that Lydia wrote the number 2 on the board. I'm psychic," Lydia says. When no one believes her, she shouts, "I'm something!

Teen Jennifer

She then somehow swipes Aiden's phone and texts Lydia. Lydia heads into a different part of the school. She's alone in a classroom, when she starts to hear the evil chanting from the concert. Blake steps out of the shadows and hits Lydia before she can scream. Lydia wakes up and asks Ms. Blake what she's doing. I'm still surprised Jennifer teen of you seem to get that. You call them sacrifices, but you're not understanding the word. Blake says they're a necessary evil. Lydia asks her to stop but she can't because Jennifer teen knows how dangerous the alpha pack is.

Lydia isn't going to be a sacrifice, though. She's just a girl who knows too much. Blake tries to strangle her, but Lydia gets a hand between her throat and the garrote, and Jennifer teen she screams. The Werewolf at the school all hold their ears in pain. Even Derek at the hospital can hear her. You have no idea what you are, do you? A banshee right before my eyes. Blake tells her she looks like an innocent flower but is the serpent under it. She tightens the garrote around Lydia's neck and holds a knife next to her throat, waiting for the last philosopher to die. Blake is about to kill Lydia when the Sheriff tells her to drop it.

He has his gun pointed at her. Jennifer throws the knife at him, hitting him in the right chest. He drops his gun. Scott appears, fully shifted, and attacks Ms. She dodges his swipe and sends him flying across the room with one hit to his chest. Scott spits up blood. Stiles shows up, and Ms. Blake shoves her desk toward the door, blocking his way. The Sheriff picks up his gun again. I found her in the woods. Her face and body slashed apart. That was you, wasn't it? He shoots her in the leg, but it heals back. She grabs the knife embedded in his chest, making his drop his gun, and backs him up against the wall.

After she does, the Sheriff opens his eyes and sees the Darach without her glamor. Stiles struggles his way into the room as Scott regains consciousness. Windows shatter, and the Darach and the Sheriff are gone. She runs in looking for him, and then throws her arms around his neck. She says that something happened at the recital at the school and she needs to tell him before he hears it "from them. They're gonna tell you things, things you can't believe. You have to trust me, okay? She kisses him, but something is wrong in the kiss, and she pulls back.

She asks if they told Derek that she was the one taking people. Jennifer gives a sarcastic reply, suggesting that she must commit human sacrifices on her lunch hour before getting back to teaching high school English. In doing so, using her druidic talents, she imbued herself with superpowers. Because of her self-serving whilst committing these sacrifices, as well as Kali's attack, Julia's appearance was left horribly disfigured, she used her talents to give her glamor, to disguise herself and changed her name to Jennifer Blake.

She moves up her plans to perform a full five-fold knot of human sacrifices in order to bestowe supreme power upon herself. She spontaneously begins the class by simultaneously text messaging everyone the final passage from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Later during class, the principal comes in and talks to Jennifer. She tells Scott that his mother called for him. Jennifer reminds Scott of his attendance record from last semester, but is assured that it's an emergency. Scott apologizes to Jennifer for having to leave, and she admonishes him to not make a habit and that resolutions only succeed when one sticks with them. Scott reassures her he won't be "ephemeral" to her amusement.

Jennifer continues her class with the students taking notes from the blackboard. She orchestrates another animal sacrifice to take place by summoning a flock of ravens. Suddenly, a raven slams into the window, killing itself. Jennifer walks away from the board to investigate. The entire flock of ravens are flying towards the classroom. The birds fly straight into the window, eventually breaking through the glass and flap around the classroom, pecking students and crashing into walls, desks and everything in the classroom. Jennifer springs into action at once and screams at everyone to stay down, shielding a boy's face as the sacrifice takes place, fuelling her abilities.

After the animal sacrifice ends with the birds having died upon impact, everything calms down. Paramedics are present though nobody is seriously hurt. Stiles tries to comfort Jennifer then awkwardly tries to pluck a feather out of her hair to her distress. Chaos Rising The following night, Jennifer goes out as the darach, preparing to start the Virgin sacrifices. She heads to a birthday party held by Heather who is a virgin selecting the teenager as her first target. Stalking the girl in her house's wine cellar, Jennifer casts illusions upon Heather, displaying an earthquake then the wine bottles sliding off the racks, then exploding and glass raining down on the girl.

Once Heather is cornered at the window, Jennifer snatches the girl. Jennifer then kills Heather, JJennifer the threefold death feen, performing a druidic chanting while abducting and killing her, executing her first Virgin. Fireflies The following night, the Darach is out to take two more virgins. She again performs the teem death on a young man named Noah, a lifeguard at Beacon Hills' public pool. Afterwards, she then stalks a lesbian couple Emily and Caitlin. Casting teen illusion depicting a swarm of bugs to frighten Emily, Jennifwr uses her magic to teleport Jeninfer to her.

She kills Emily, again using Jennifer teen three fold death, binding her corpse to a tree. Jennifer has now completed Jennifee virgin sacrifices. At the high school, Jennifer is working late at night. The werewolves Boyd and Tteen Hale are on a full moon Jenjifer rampage. She goes down to the supply closet in the basement conncted to the boiler room. Jennifer gets locked in when Scott Jenifer Derek close Boyd Jennofer Cora up in an attempt to keep the savage werewolves contained. After retrieving supplies, Jennifer heads back out when she hears noises and later snarling from the two feral wolves.

Jennifer eventually sees the two up close, but Derek sweeps in to save her. Jennifer then cowers and slams the door to the closet shut. Jennifer recoils in terror, Jennifee and listens as Derek allows himself to be shredded himself to be shredded by the tesn betas. After Jennifr sun comes up, Teeen and Cora pass out and he goes to Jennifer, mistified. She still appears fragile, but Jennifee offers her his hand to help her to her feet. Jennifer uses the power she gained Jsnnifer the virgin sacrifices on Derek, mystically Jennider him, leaving the alpha drawn to her. Unleashed Several days later, Jennifer turns her attention to Warrior sacrifices.

She tracks down a senior Kyle with a military feen and his Jennirer Bullet drugging them both with mistletoe. JJennifer lures the dog towards her teeen they leave the animal clinic and manifests an illusion drawing Kyle to her. The young man sees himself being bitten by the dog, when in reality the dog is sitting behind him. Jennifer then psychically changes her voice telling Kyle to "come closer. Teeh tells them that she can help them with Cora and she goes with them to the Hospital. The Alpha Pack is there and she runs to the elevator, leaving Scott, Derek and the others behind. She and Derek become trapped in the elevator after she returns to them.

She reveals to him the reason she became the way she did, which is that her real name is Julia and she was Emissary to Kali's pack. But Kali attempted to kill her under Deucalion's wish. She then walked into the classroom, explaining the meaning of the text before pointing out that it would be the last time any of them used their phones in class and cheerfully asking them to turn them off. Before the class could get underway, the Principal came into the classroom with a note saying that Scott McCall had been called out of class. As he was leaving, Jennifer approached him in the hallway and stated that while she was sure his motherMelissa McCallhad a good reason for calling Scott out of class, she was concerned about him already missing the first day of school, as she had looked over his record and had caught up on his history of absences and poor grades.

When Scott assured her that he had plans to do much better in school this year before he left, she seemed amused by his enthusiasm. Later that afternoon in class, Stiles StilinskiLydia Martinand Allison Argent were listening to Jennifer's lecture on Heart of Darkness when suddenly, a crow flew into the wall of windows on the far side of the classroom, leaving a bloody smudge behind and startling everyone in the class. Jennifer looked horrified as she walked over to the windows and peered out of them to find that hundreds and hundreds of crows were flying toward the school as well. She shrieked at everyone to get down before rushing to hide behind her desk with several students, just as those same crows began flying through the windows, shattering them and showering the students in broken glass.

When it was all over, Jennifer appeared to be shell-shocked by this bizarre occurrence, but it would later be revealed that she was the one who summoned the crows and compelled them to commit mass suicide in a ritual to gain more power to carry out her five-fold knot sacrifices. In Chaos RisingJennifer, as the Darachshowed up at the party held at Heather 's house, where she captured Heather while the young girl waited for Stiles Stilinski to return with condoms so the two could have sex, though neither her Darach form nor her glamoured Jennifer form were seen.

To make it easier to capture Heather, Jennifer made her hallucinate that the wine bottles in the shelves around her were exploding and falling at her feet before the Darach pulled her through the nearby window. In FirefliesJennifer stayed late at the school to grade papers the night of the full mooneventually making the mistake of going down to the boiler room to get more school supplies just before Derek HaleScott McCallChris Argentand Isaac Lahey enacted their plan to capture the full-moon-crazed Werewolves Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale.

It wasn't until after Derek and Scott locked Boyd and Cora in the boiler room that they realized that Jennifer had accidentally been locked in with them. Derek, already feeling guilty about Boyd and Cora's situation, made the decision to go in and save Jennifer from the two rabid Werewolves by distracting them, allowing them to claw at him so they would be too busy to go after her. Afterward, Derek walked over to where Jennifer had been hiding and extended his hand to her to help her to her feet, and though she looked scared, she gave him a small relieved smile. It remains unknown whether or not this was part of her larger plan. At some point during the events of this evening, Jennifer, as the Darach, caused Emily to have hallucinations that scarab beetles were crawling all over her before she was captured, and she also captured and killed a lifeguard wearing a purity ring.

The bodies of these two victims, as well as Heather's body, were found by the police and Lydia Martinrespectively, which led Stiles Stilinski to realize that someone was performing human sacrifices of virgins using the "three-fold death," which involved bashing in the victim's head, strangling them, and slitting their throat. In UnleashedJennifer arrived at school several days after the events of Fireflies and it was clear that she was still visibly traumatized by what she had witnessed.

She suddenly sensed Jennirer someone was following her and quickly rushed down the hallway toward her classroom. Once inside, she slammed the door shut and breathed a sigh of relief, but when she turned around, she was startled to find Derek waiting for her by her desk. Frightened, she grabbed the closest makeshift weapon she can find, a wooden pointer for the chalkboard, and held it out like a sword before anxiously demanding to know what he wanted. When Derek remained quiet, she asked him if he planned to threaten her with the fact that no one would believe her if she revealed what she saw during his fight with Cora and Boydor if she planned to scare or kill her.

However, Jennifer was quickly surprised when, instead of threatening her, Derek kindly asked her if she was okay.

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