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Solve the cause of your stress. Dealing with the problems that cause tension can relieve you of that stress. Inaction just allows relide to build. If your neighbor's dog barks constantly, talk with him about it. Talk to your boss to figure out solutions for problems at work. If possible, time your driving to avoid rush hour. Shop when you know the store won't be packed with people. And cut down on the time you spend with people who get on your nerves. Accept things you can't change. There are going to be things in your life that you can't control, no matter how hard you try.

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For example, there's no use allowing snow or rain to bother you — how would you go about changing the weather? Instead, look for ways to enjoy uncontrollable circumstances. Play in the snow like you did when you were a kid; spend a rainy day reading, another stress reliever. Don't overpromise, and give yourself time to finish the things you do agree to tackle. Having a negative outlook can turn even the most minor annoyances into huge problems in your mind.

Tackle first things first. Resist trying to do multiple projects at once. When you accomplish a personal goal or finish a major project, do something nice for yourself. It can be as simple as getting a massage or as extravagant as taking a weekend getaway. Celebrate your achievement before you jump into the next project. Your outlook is such an important factor in how your body deals with stress. Following these 10 steps will help you put stress in perspective and start enjoying your life again.

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You might also like these other newsletters: Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! Please enter a valid email address Oops! Please select reliff newsletter Gest cozy can keep you calm and reduce risk of disease. Getty Images Want to clear your complexion, boost your mood, and cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health hazards? A little loving can boost your overall health in many surprising ways. Nobody says you have to be with someone to do that. Self-pleasuring can offer sex benefits, especially those specifically related to having a good orgasm.

Having sex can actually be considered a rather good form of exercise: That's a lot more fun than toiling away on a treadmill. They found that looking at romantic partners significantly dulled the experience of pain. So even though you might think pain is a barrier to sex, consider this a sex benefit worth the time and effort: Take a moment to really look at your lover.

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