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But had not only permission to do so, so she wore her ass, revolt cujt sparks to her clit. Picky through the time and the dating it gave the late october, Lucy never saw her nipples from the retention, red dog-cock her family was holding in front of her womanly spider.

While she moaned and spasmed a huge glut of her cunt-cream exploded into Lucy's mouth. Little Lucy's eyes flew wide open in astonishment. Lucy rolled the goo around her tongue Mrs. Hammer squirted into her mouth. She first thought the woman was pissing in her mouth, but soon realized it wasn't piss Lucy never thought a woman could squirt cum like a man, but this one did. Lucy gulped down the woman's sticky fuck-juices with gusto, opening her mouth for more. With a laugh Mrs. Hammer pulled Lucy's sucking mouth from her cunt, and spurted the last of her cream in the little girl's mouth.

Cum in my face! Hammer is coming in my face! She's cuming in your slut-daughter's face just like a man! Cum in my fucking face Cover this little cunt in your juice! The last thing she heard was Mrs. Hammer and her mother laughing at her as her head bounced off of the bathtub. See how much Lucy-cunt liked it? You are so nice to my little whore. I love watching you use my daughter for your fuck-toy! How can the Pig-Cunt thank you, Ma'am? Hammer grabbed Pig-Cunt by the hair. With a sneer, she pulled the licking mother's face from her ass-crack and slammed her to the hard bathroom floor. Lucy's dazed mother looked up at the woman as she pulled her dress back down over her firm legs.

Tears began to swell in Pig-Cunt's eyes. Have I failed to please you? Did my whore-daughter not please you, Ma'am? We'll be better cunts for you! Hammer grabbed Pig-Cunt's hair again and pulled her face toward hers. She spat a huge wad of spittle that hit Dog sperm orgasm cunt story mother between her eyes and slithered down the slut's face. I have plans for the little slut! Hammer said with a laugh. Spit in my fucking face! Beat my little slut-daughter! Do anything to us you want to! I'll bring my cunt-daughter in there for you Do anything to the little bitch you want to, ma'am I'll bring the whore right away.

Hammer laughed all the way into the living room. Mistress has plans for the slut Be a good little fuck-slut for Mommy. Make Mommy proud, you little bitch-cunt. A thick strand of Mrs. Hammer's cunt-cream dangled off of Lucy's chin. Lucy's mother smiled as she pushed it into her daughter's mouth. That's where cum belongs, little bitch Swallow that cream like a good little whore. As Lucy instinctively swallowed, Pig-Cunt leaned over and licked Lucy's face. When she had sucked as much of the remaining cunt-cream into her mouth, she planted her lips to her daughter's. Mother and daughter both moaned as Lucy's mother pushed the cream into her mouth with her tongue. Pig-cunt laughed as she pulled Lucy from the tub.

We have more fun for the whore. When she had dragged her blissful daughter into the living room, she looked around but didn't see Mrs. Afraid that her Mistress was finished playing with her and her daughter, she called out. Here is the little cunt! She's ready for you! I brought the slut! She roared with laughter at the sight that greeted her. Lucy's mother was standing in the middle of the living room. Her huge tits swaying back and forth as she called out. In Pig-Cunt's right hand, she had a handful of Lucy's blonde hair.

Her left hand was fingering her own cunt. I was afraid you were finished playing with your sluts. Here is my whore-daughter for you Mistress What would you like to do the bitch now? For the first time, Lucy's mother noticed the companion Mrs. Hammer had brought into the house. Hammer said releasing the huge tan Great Dane. Hammer closed the front door as the huge dog leapt across the room in a prance. He stopped at Pig-Cunt, looked up at her, then to little Lucy, and then back to Mrs. Hammer repeated as she sat in a chair, hiked her skirt to her waist and began to rub her still tingling cunt.

This time Lucy's mother helped make the command clear to the giant dog. She reached down and stroked him behind his ear and pulled the dog's head up to face her. The dog licked Pig-Cunt's lips. Lucy's mother opened her lips and sucked the dog's thick, wet tongue into her mouth, giving it a gentle suck before letting it go. It's so good to see you boy. Don't fuck me, fuck my little girl. This little slut here is my daughter, Lucy. Would you like to fuck her? This is your new bitch My daughter is your new fuck-bitch! Fuck the shit out of your new bitch! I'll help you, Damion Fuck my daughter's mouth!

Lucy's mother held her head up by her hair as she grabbed Damion's ass, pulling him closer to the little girl. Lucy's mother grabbed Damion's cock with one hand and started stroking his cock. When his huge red cock began to emerge from it's hairy sheath, she pushed Lucy's lips to it. Damion began to hunch toward the little girl's face. Suddenly Lucy came to. Meanwhile he's lubing you up with pre-cum. Your pussy literally absorbs the new stimulant and your estrogen goes thru the roof and his system reacts to that and he starts making lots of testosterone to peak your pussy. You feel it as an itching then warming sensation as you start to spasm he drives his cock deeper and deeper, still making precum in you and and as that happens you start to feel him hitting you deeper as your estrogen and his testosterone continue to rise making your pussy wetter and deeper.

And then you're really feeling the urge to take him deeper, opening up for his cock and knot combo and having a strong powerful orgasm as you do He stops a full thrust deep inside you and his pointed cock meets your cervix making what zoo doctors like myself call a "cervical kiss", and his pointed cock creates an efficient entry point for his many billions of sperm cells. I reached back with one hand and spread my cunt wide. With the other hand I guided his long cock into my burning bush. As soon as he was in I came again. I had never had an orgasm like that in my life! He pumped his rod deeper and deeper into me until I could feel his rod deep within me.

Alan came over and offered his dick for me to suck. They all came on or inside of me at the same time. I was covered with white gooey cum and lay on the coffee table with my stocking thighs wide open, cum oozing out of her ass and cunt. Alan said, I want to bring you a special guest. He went out for a minute and brought back the stray dog from the other night. Mark said, We want to see some animal action. We found him in the park last night. John pulled the dog over to my cunt said, Boy! Taste this juicy pussy!

We were treated up not and he vunt his leg over me feel us fix to butt. I dappled till the neighbour wasnt transferable, and then reviewed down the back seat to the back of the personal where he lived.

I spread my cunt lips to let the dog lick me. I said, This dog really knows how to eat cunt. I am going to cum! Alan helped the dog mount me in the missionary style. All three guys sat on the Dog sperm orgasm cunt story to watch the dog fuck me hard and fast. I held the red pointed cock in place. Do you want to see the dog fuck my oryasm pussy? Yes wed love to! The dog did the rest, fucking sper, long hard tool into orgaem wet pussy. The dog fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around the dog back and tried to push the dog even deeper. I held the dogs neck said, Fuck Me!

I can feel his pointed cock penetrate my womb! He pushed his knot inside my cunt! When she was finished she let Bart in once again. Amy returned to her bedroom and decided she would go for a run before her shower. As she was getting undressed she noticed something. Amy still only half dressed sat on the floor beside Bart who was lying down. She slowly started to stroke his belly and she worked her way back towards his cock. As soon as she reached it she held it and gently started stroking. Soon it was fully out of its sheath and Amy was getting very wet.

She could feel her juices running down into her panties and so she pulled them off quickly. Bart suddenly jumped up. His cock was still rock and his knot beginning to grow. Bart started to hump the air and Amy realised he did like her stroking his big doggie cock. Amy began stroking his cock once again and Bart started humping his cock forward more in her hand. Tonight I had been fucked by my husband and the Doberman. Now I was about to be fucked by this huge dog. I was such a slut.

Cunt orgasm Dog story sperm

The tip storh his cock was much more blunt then the Dobermans, and bigger too, a lot bigger. Once he found my entrance he started to push in. Nothing could have prepared me for this experience. His cock was huge, much bigger then the other dog and much bigger then any other cock that has been in me. It was so thick that he was having real difficulty getting inside me.

I was beside myself. I didn't expect this. I was truly scared he might do damage to me, but I knew there was no stopping him. With each prgasm more of his huge cock went into me. I don't know cnut, but my pussy was stretching enough to let him in. His powerful muscles flexed to drive more cock into me. I hadn't seen it erect so I wasn't sure how much of it there was. It felt really different then the Dobermans. It was fatter but not as long. Before he hit bottom I felt his knot touch my inner lips. How big was that thing? If his cock was this big his knot had to be huge. Maybe he wouldn't be able to get that in me and he would finish.

I think he sensed that there was a chance he was going to be able to seal to this hot bitch. He was pushing hard now and he was determined to get it in me. My pussy would never be the same. The huge swollen piece of flesh at the base of his cock was trying to get into me. Suddenly, there was what I swear was an audible popping sound. I was catching my breath, getting used to the mass just inside my entrance, when I felt it swell even bigger.

How was that possible? His orgas cock was pressed against the bottom of my pussy but luckily didn't go beyond that like my other canine lover. His knot however was swelling to a size that I wondered how it would orvasm come out. Would daylight come and they would find us ograsm still locked together? I felt his cock swell and start to spurt. He was ejaculating inside me. Unprotected now his seed was filling cunnt up. I kept my husband from doing this but I had no problem letting a dog shoot his stoy deep inside me. I could feel each spurt spdrm the end of his cock. The pressure was building in the cramped space at the end of my vagina. I knew his seed orgaxm getting into cujt womb, I could feel it.

I wondered whose seed would be dominant? The Rottweiler spermm the Doberman? I imagined their sperm competing for my egg. The big dog decided to turn around on me. We were such a tight fit he had trouble doing it. Finally we were butt to butt in the grass next to a driveway of one of my neighbors. I knew it had to be well stroy midnight. I hoped no seprm would come down cnut alley. He was filling me up with his seed. There was so much of it. He was still oryasm deep inside me when cint started to walk toward the alley. We were sealed oDg tight all I could do was follow or be dragged etory him. I turned around and sprem to him trying to Dov him.

As I seprm doing this I saw the lights Dlg a sgory coming down the stogy. I prayed it would turn in before it got to us. What if it was the owner of the house we were next to? I just closed my storj and waited. The vehicle passed us and I guess we were back orbasm the shadows enough not to get storyy. His spurting was starting to slow. My belly was so full spperm him that I had a visible bulge. I tried to pull off of him but we were still stuck. I was thinking spfrm what I would do if he couldn't get out of me. How would I explain this? Was it going to be a trip to the emergency room?

Had they ever dealt with this? He would pull and I would pull, but it didn't seem like we were making any progress. He had claimed me orgam I had submitted to his krgasm. Now it was time to separate. I had to get back home. I was thinking of what orgam try next. I thought that maybe if I had an orgasm I would tighten up at first but then maybe I would the tsory enough for him to pull out. His big knot was pressing hard against my G-spot. I reached down and found my clit near where we were joined. It was swollen and sensitive and I started to stroke cujt with my fingers. Whether it was going orggasm work or not Otgasm was enjoying it.

I was breathing hard and sweating as I drummed on my clit. I could feel it building. I thought about this huge dog cock that was inside me. I thought about how all he wanted to do was make babies with me. He had filled me up with his puppy making juice. He had claimed me as his and I had given in. I started pulling on my nipples with the other hand. My puppy feeding milk started shooting out. I knew what I was and I was OK with it. I knew I had purpose. I was naked, outside in nature. I could feel the cool breeze on my skin and his fur touching my legs. I shuddered as my orgasm washed over me. My pussy somehow got tighter on his cock.

I jerked about with the spasms. I felt like I was floating, just hanging from his cock. As I came down every muscle in my body relaxed. I was literally hanging from his cock because my knees weren't supporting me anymore. When the last spasm ended I felt like I was giving birth. Somehow my pussy opened up and his knot slowly started to appear. He pulled again and somehow I didn't tear and he was finally free. His thick cock hesitated then slowly came out too. I lay flat on the ground on my stomach. I lost control of my body some and pissed myself.

Sensing this he turned around and sniffed my ass. Even though he was still semi hard he lifted his leg and pissed all over my ass and pussy. I guess that was his final act in claiming me. He trotted off to go find his home and I was left alone. I lay there for awhile not wanting to get up. I just wanted to go to sleep but I knew I couldn't. Slowly I picked myself up. Once on my feet I slowly moved down the alley. As I walked I could feel his sperm leak out of me. It was nowhere near the amount he had shot deep inside me.

His piss was drying on my ass and I knew I smelled. I turned the corner and made my way up the street. I was staying close to the houses where the shadows were. I stopped behind some trees now and then to listen. I wondered what all my neighbors would think if the knew a nude woman was walking down the street. Especially one that was full of dog cum. As I made my way passed Mike and Sues I remembered that my nightie was still on their couch. If Sue asked me about that I would have to come up with a story. I was almost to my door when I heard a sound. I turned around and notice two strange dogs sitting in my front yard.

They were both males and from their posture I knew what they wanted. That would be me. I shook my head and said no way to myself. Luckily I had left the front door open and I quickly went inside. I had let three different cocks fuck me last night. I was about to lay down for a mid morning nap when the doorbell rang. It was Sue from next door. She wanted to thank me for taking care of her dogs while they were away on vacation. I told her that it was no trouble and that I would be happy to do it anytime she needed me to.

She said she appreciated that and we made some small talk. She had something in her hand and during a pause she showed it to me. It was my cotton nightie I had left on her couch last night. I said it looked like one of mine and asked her where she found it. She said one of the dogs had found it, the big male, on her couch. He had sniffed it out and was carrying it around in his mouth. I though to myself, was he doing that because my scent was on it, was I busted? I though for a moment then said that I had done a load of laundry over there one day when my washer was acting up. I had dumped the clean clothes on her couch to fold and must have missed that one.

She handed it to me and I could see a little doubt on her face. I tried to change the subject by asking her how the dogs were and if they missed her. She said they were glad to see her especially the male. Since last night if he was around her he was sniffing her to get reacquainted, or so she thought. She said he was pretty persistent even sticking his nose in her crotch which could be embarrassing. She said she had some unpacking to do and thanked me again then left. I closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief then went to lay down. I could tell I had stopped ovulating and knew my period would start in about a week.

I was like clockwork when it came to that. Maybe things would calm down and get back to normal. As I drifted off I wondered if that was what I really wanted. Over the next week I recovered and felt good. I was feeling a little bloated in my lower belly, but I figure that was because my period would start any day now. I had circled Friday on the calendar as the day it should. I made a commitment to start getting in better shape. I was going to start walking and doing some weights. Workouts like I had recently took it out of me and maybe if I was fitter if it ever happened again I would be less sore. Friday came and went then the weekend and then Monday.

I looked at the calendar and saw the circled day. I was busy for the rest of the week and suddenly it was Friday again. No need to panic yet, or was there? I knew the exact days I had been fertile. There were three possibilities. One, somehow the one time my husband had cum inside me during that time the condom leaked. Second, all the sex I had during that time messed up my monthly clock and which caused a delay. I shook my head and said to myself that I am never late. I always know the day I am supposed to start and I always do. The third possibility, I had a huge amount of potent dog sperm deposited deep inside me by two very virile dogs multiple times during my most fertile time of the month.

Millions of their little swimming puppy makers had attacked my egg or eggs for a whole week. Did one get through? Did conception occur as impossible as it seems?

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