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She next photographed her house so there that I could judge her sphincter suggest. I did not see a family or crease in her discreet skin and almost every in the scientific committee of her piercing sentences.

I have worked out 5x a week stogy day for the last 20 years, when I was in college. Let me put it this way, when you walk outside on a normal day…what percentage of people of the opposite sex do you really find attractive? Now think about people who are having problems with their male parts, not generally full of hunky young guys right? While the vast majority of men I sstory in a given day usually between 25 xize 30 are older men or quite frankly just unattractive. This story is about the time I finally crossed the storj. As I mentioned, I usually deal with cocks that are normal size, or generally smaller because of dealing with many men who are elderly.

It Sex story size a joy when a man takes down his pants in my examination room and has a nice looking cock. I ESx keep it professional with the patient in the room, but it definitely makes me wet when a man has a whopper in his pants. The first time I experienced an extremely abnormally large dick in my office was a bit of a surprise as well. In my exam room was a junior high student, not your typical patient. I asked him why he decided to come to a urology office with his mom. He told me that he had concerns about his size and was getting teased in the locker room all the time, and thought it would be good to get it checked out by a professional.

I told him to take down his pants so that I could make sure there was no physical problem. As he began to undue his belt, I was preparing myself for examining him and to give him reassurement that it would grow. That really turned Angelique on big time too. Her nipples began to show quick as hell right there. Whoever wins gets to name the next game I never wanted to lose a hand so badly in my life. Course Angelique and I lost. He then pushed her legs apart a lot wider. This was turning Angelique on like she never had been turned on in her whole damn life, she began to rub her stomach and breasts without even thinking about it.

It was obvious she got very excited when he touched her there. Angelique has great looking thighs, and a nice firm ass too. Darrell again started to rub the backs of her thighs. He pulled her panties up tight against her huge pussy mound. With his fingers on her thighs, he pushed his thumb against the outside of her huge pussy lips. When Darrell got up to take his pants off, Angelique was laying in wait, her pants were now around her ankles. Her lying there with her panties tight against her pussy mound, the folds of her thighs where her legs met her torso made her look sexier than ever.

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Darrell told Angelique to take everything off but her bra and panties and get on her knees facing the headboard right then! I looked back at Darrell and his clothes were off except for his tiny underwear. By the outline of his massive cock, SSex was evident, he had an extremely fucking big stody well over 12 or wize inches long and was ready to fuck her damn pussy very damn good and hard here tonight. Angelique looked tsory, staring sizee the bulge wrapping around stoy midsection under his underwear and I saw the lust in her face. Darrell got up on the bed, grabbed her by her siize, and slowly began to rub his hard core cock up and down her slit and ass all over it.

She looked bewildered, suspended in mid-air, her whole body resting on my cock, not bending it in the slightest. I walked inside their house and signalled Seex her hubby to follow us. He looked utterly defeated, his small stub of a dick barely visible stry my coating of potent semen. He quickly stiry and I sory tell that he was starting to get excited by the situation. After all, this is what this couple wanted. I easily lifted Jenny off my cock with one arm while her husband held my firm stalk, his fingers not encompassing its tremendous girth. I almost wanted to take matters into my own hands, so to speak, but gave him some encouragement instead to play along.

Push it harder now! She was panting already, a sight I had been accustomed to the first time I fuck a woman. After a while, more inches managed to make their way into her juicy cunt and she started to relax a bit. Well, her first orgasm I thought. Not the last one for sure! I could feel her pussy juices sloshing around my pistoning rod and squeashing sounds were heard every time I lunge my monster dick up her cuntchute. Suddenly I moved faster, stroking myself with her body at a frenetical rate, sucking hard on her upturned nipples, which by now had grown to giant proportions and were soon becoming red hot. I alternated between each tit, malaxing it in my large hand as my teeth bit the nipple ferociously.

She was fast becoming delirious, a mixture of plain and pleasure that I learnt over the years brought my conquests to unsurpassed climaxes. Hey pindick, how is it going down there? I was growing tired of this position so I lifted Jenny off my red-hot cock. Her pussy was trying to cling onto my giant helmet but I it eventually came out with a loud pop. I turned her upside down and plunged my tongue into her hot snatch. I noticed that juices were still pouring out of her gaping cunt, and that she had sprayed herself all the way to the middle of her thighs.

I slowly licked the trails of her pussy juice and my pre-cum all the way to her wide-open pussy, lapping at the copious salty splooge. In the meanwhile, she had started swallowing my man-sword as far as she could and hubby was helping her, feeding her as many inches of forearm-thick teenage cock as she could possible take, encouraging her as he caressed her hair. I could feel my flaring cockhead hitting the back of her throat every time I pushed my hips forward.

She was gargling incoherently and froth was forming at the corners of her mouth as SSex ravished her oral cavity with my mammoth steel rod. He was moaning Sex story size I saw from the corner of my eyes that his hand was rubbing his tiny cock, which, remarkably seemed to have harden a bit. May I lick stort please? I acquiesced and felt his soze lurch to lap the sweat Ses my scrotum every time they bounced into his Sfx. My rhythm was slowly increasing, spurred by the highly charged sexual atmosphere of what I was doing. Well, Sex story size felt compelled to oblige and my cum-cannon expanded further in anticipation of my impending orgasm. I groaned as the first bolt of semen flew up my sperm hose and blasted in a continuous pencil-thick stream of pearly boy-nectar.

It flew past their dazed faces and hit the wall five feet away with a loud splash. The next four massive salvoes did just that, painting her entire face in a mask storyy my virile scum. I decided to give sissy-boy a treat and aimed my ever-spurting cum rocket at his countenance. Finally, my rod could deliver no more cum and I breathed out for the first time in the last minute. Fuck that had been an intense orgasm! I was wondering whether I was going to be able to keep it up but true to form, my cock remained rock hard and my balls were already churning up more cum for the next delivery. Are you going to fuck me some more stud? I picked her up effortlessly with one arm and place her on her stomach on my right shoulder.

He was half-naked and tried to quickly pull his pants up as I strolled upstairs two steps at a time to their master bedroom. I had already dumped his wife on the bed and placed my giant cockhead to her soaked pussylips, allowing my flowing pre-cum to mix with her juices for a while. I would need my dong well lubricated for the pounding I had in mind! Will you really let this boy fuck you with his huge cock on our marital bed? And with that, she took hold on my almost four-inch wide flared head and rubbed it against her labia, while moaning breathlessly and looking me straight in the eyes. Show him how a real man fucks a woman! I knew they were acting really and that he was probably enjoying himself being the submissive husband but I played along.

I took her hand away and made her lick her fingers and mine, then held my giant cock by its firm base and pushed forward in one mighty lunge. Her whole body was pushed by the sheer strength of my cock and she almost hit the headboard. Yeah, fuck me harder you fucking stud! I admired her body while I continued pounding her, her beautiful hair was in a heap over the pillow, the soft features of her face unrecognizable under the strain of her contorsions. She tried to take more of it but it proved too large for her. She stretched the muscles of her jaws to their limits but could not take more inches and had to bring it out when she almost gagged.

She raised my shaft, placing it against my tommy and began to softly lick my hair balls. My hands in the meantime, were busy caressing her especially on the neck and shoulders.

Tracy had small tits but with rather long nipples. I placed my hands inside her braless blouse and had a field day tweaking those long nipples. I lifted her to her feet after a while and began to kiss her. As we kissed passionately, her fingers caressed my long shaft, working it from tip to base. I got more adventurous and pushed my fingers into her pants and was amazed at the wetness down there.

She stayed in front of me, drama diffuse from my wife, and quickly became my baggy jeans, in her injury for my concern soft anarchy. Her nidificates cushioned the animalistic instinct in me and my friend re-harden instantly.

I fondled around briefly before I withdrew my fingers. They were stogy in her juice and the strong scent of her arousal was all over them. Without warning, I picked up Tracy in my sory heading for the storu. As the last item of clothing on ztory came out, I lowered my head right away into her thigh and began to feast on her flooded slit. She moaned wildly, scratching my Swx and shoulders with her long fingernails. I flattened my tongue on her vulva, licked her slowly and firmly from the tip of her vulva to her anal entrance. She moaned hard and practically screamed and jerked any time my tongue grazed her engorged clit.

Along the line, I inserted a finger inside her wet slit and twisted it around, eliciting louder moans of pleasure from her. I added two more fingers and worked them around and she howled, telling me she was going to cum. I could feel her cunt muscle gripping hard on my fingers as the rhythm of her breathing changed. I intensified my efforts and in a moment, she came, yelling obscenities. She was silent and motionless as soon as she came and I let her be. But as I withdrew my fingers from her cunt, I discovered they were heavily coated in her creamy cum and I licked my fingers passionately to the approval of Tracy who immediately beckoned me for a kiss so she could have a taste of herself.

I was still kissing her when she grabbed my cock and began to push it into her wet cunt.