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Could Scientists Detect a 'Zombie' Virus Before an Outbreak Occurred?

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Viruses are sometimes confused with another family of germs: But viruses are much, much smaller.

Think of a virus as a tiny package jacketed in a protein covering. Each molecule serves as an instruction book. Its VViruses information provides instructions that tell a cell what to make and when to make it. When a virus infects a cell, it sends that cell a simple message: In that sense, this virus nakev a hijacker. It breaks into a cell. Then it VViruses the cell do Virudes bidding. Eventually, that host cell dies, spewing new viruses to attack more cells. That is how viruses sicken a host. Like a real virus, however, a computer virus can infect — and even hijack — its host computer. The body can rid itself of many viruses on its own.

Other viruses may present too big a challenge. Medicines to treat viruses exist. Called antivirals, they work in different ways. Some, for example, block the entry of a virus into a host cell. Others interrupt the virus as it attempts to copy itself. In general, viruses can be hard to treat. Stay healthy With viruses, the best defense is a good offense. That is why vaccines are so important. Vaccines help the body protect itself. Here is how they work: Sometimes a germ — a bacterium or virus — enters the body. Scientists refer to it as an antigen.

The immune system then produces antibodies to attack the antigen. That fight nwws the body protected. And that is usually true even if that invader infects it again. The reason a quick turnaround time doesn't usually happen when people get blood tests now is because of logistics and cost, but the technology is there, Aronoff-Spencer explained.

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Detecting a known virus rapidly is helpful, but detecting a previously unknown virus would be crucial to stopping a hypothetical zombie epidemic. In that situation, it might take days to figure out what the new virus was and where it came fromand by that time, it could be too late to prevent an outbreak. But Aronoff-Spencer and his colleagues are working to develop diagnostic chips called biocameras, which have numerous pixels on them, each dedicated to rapidly detecting a wide variety of potential known and unknown viruses. With the chips, "we can test for all known viruses at a specific level, and then we can go upstream in the evolution and start to test for things that are common to groups of viruses but not specific to any one of them," Aronoff-Spencer said.

This broad testing panel would allow scientists to identify a new virus and even learn where it came from. Even with the current diagnostic technology, Aronoff-Spencer said he's confident scientists could detect a theoretical zombie virus before an outbreak occurred — that is, "assuming your zombie outbreak didn't come from a virus that doesn't use DNA or RNA," he said.

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Viruses on the skin? Nwws in the lungs? Viruses in the urine? Researchers have shown that Virusss living with someone will lead to rapid sharing of the viruses in your body. Viruses keeping naker healthy? Viruses destroy the bacterium when they burst out of the cell. Here, the clear circles reveal where the bacteriophage have killed the bacteria. It may nakex counterintuitive, but harming our bacteria can be harmful to our health. For example, when our healthy bacterial communities are disturbed by antibiotic use, other microbial bad guys, also called pathogens, take advantage of the opportunity to invade our body and make us sick. Thus, in a number of human conditions, our healthy bacteria play important roles in preventing pathogen intrusion.

So the race is on to find those viruses in our viromes that have already figured out how to protect us from the bad guys, while leaving the good bacteria intact. Indeed, there are recent anecdotal examples utilizing phages successfully to treat life-threatening infections from bacteria resistant to most if not all available antibiotics — a treatment known as phage therapy.

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