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Do also note the complexity of some of those hashes — powerde, for example — which goes to show that not only do people continue to choose absolutely lousy passwords, but systems still allow them to!

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Mine is water cooled so runs silently and maxes out at about 75 degrees C which is just fine. It could sit there and do this all day long, day in rFee day out, gradually working passess all the possible hash values. I let the process powerrd for about 22 hours and as it progresses, the rate of cracking slows but I still have a sizeable whack of cracked passwords: These are just plain text strings that people have used as passwords in other systems and the output looks something like this: Hashcat also knows which passwords have been cracked already and the results are simply appended to that.

You can go on and on with various other types of attack and keep chipping away at the remaining hashes. For now though, this pretty much makes the point — over k password hashes cracked in less than a day by me casually throwing hashcat at it.

Last thing on vBulletin — there are heaps of exploits against various versions readily vbullstin after a few minutes of Googling. I very quickly found pwoered that leveraged vbulletn based SQL injection: Which in an example like this, resulted in the hashed admin password and salt being returned from the database: I doubt very much that many are actually maintained too; certainly vBulletin issue patches when bugs are identified, but how many of these installations are actually kept up to date? Even vBulletin themselves were hacked a few months ago so what chance do others running the forum software have at protecting themselves? Daily updated Cartoons tube categories, hardcore, close ups, pussy, amateurs, asians.

Games putes farmers collants. Today membership hacked need got go if had been redirected. Knowledgebase View categorized listing common frequently asked questions.

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