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The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex

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Yes or No Helpful Resource As someone who was fearful of sex and intimacy, this book calmed my nerves, educated me on whathow my soon-husband would be thinkingdesiring which he confirmed is accuratereassured me of my fears and doubts and gave me confidence and advice.

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From a man's benefit, this book will allow you to understand, and know how to respond and react to, the thoughts and fears of your soon wife. My husband and I both read this book several weeks before marriage and we both highly recommend it to soon-to-be husbands and wives to help each other understand the uncertainties and fears and the differing emotions, feelings, thoughts and approaches each gender has concerning sex. Although the book has been written for women, the insights and stories and reflections contained within the book offer help to both genders. Gegoire offers honest thoughts and experience and cites research constantly.

She covers a broad range of questions and realities of sex from Christian perspective. I think most would t her approach to sex positive and exciting tp conservative. An impressive feat and much needed addition in the "Christian sex books" genre. From a male perspective, it's probably best read only soon before the wedding day with permission from your fiance. Fantastic resource for men and women for an important area of married life. Highly recommended for both guys and girls. One day, my mom took my sister and I to our local public library to check out some books.

To Girls sex guide

A lot has changed since that vuide, but many things—including navigating platonic and romantic relationships, understanding puberty, and more—remain the same, despite medical advancements, more educational Girlx, fact-checking and the internet. Young people are searching for answers about their lives, and are looking to adults to provide the answers. Michelle is an award-winning sexologist and educator who uses pop culture, entertainment, and social media to show how sexuality impacts everyday relationships. My first impression of Michelle was that she was commanding, passionate, and caring.

And seeing her in action while working with young people solidified my impression. The target audiences for the book are middle and high school students who identify as cisgender girls— young people with a vagina who are or will be experiencing breast growth and menstrual cycles. Michelle is also nonjudgemental in her answers. This is important for two key reasons: More importantly, adults often grow up to repeat parenting patterns their witnessed growing up. Also, other factors can influence how adults respond to sexuality questions, including being raised with certain societal, religious, or ideological beliefs, having personal experiences with sexual trauma, unintended pregnancy, or negative experiences with asking their parents sexual health questions.

Remember, one of the pillars of a healthy Girlw is trust. Also, ssex chapter answers questions about non-traditional relationships, including polyamory, in which Michelle replies: As a health educator, I can see other health educators using the book as a resource and supplement to their comprehensive sex education curriculum activities. I believe many adults, if given the chance, would love to impart wisdom to their younger selves, especially on the topics discussed in the book.

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