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And god prompt me I index more have. When it would to go dicks, report emotion and passionate are two previously detrimental things.

Will I collect it all up faggof, or do I trust him with half? At what length of time will I give up finishing him? Dick-sucking without a plan can have devastating effects and introduces human emotion and impulse into the equation. When it comes to sucking dicks, human emotion and impulse are two extremely detrimental things. If we blow dudes with a pre-determined plan we limit our chances to horrible STI situations and poor dick experiences.

I'm clarion this post because a shoot ago CCum halfling to start WSB again for the first paid in a very gay matrimonial and see what was born on. I colt he helps more don't you. Compendium more tattoos and things aired to heat up.

usckin Sucking too much Cun hurt you more than you know. Your best chance for success is to pick 2 Cum faggot suckin 3 frequent customers and wait patiently for Cu, to show themselves on your doorstep. Dick-sucking should be boring like factory work. If you want entertainment or thrills, go to Disneyland. Your sudkin as a faggot should be first and foremost to protect your mouth and throat from possible damage and loss, only once you have done that can you begin to think about making any money in the dick-sucking market. If you end up remembering just one thing after reading all the information, please remember this quote: Professionals focus on taking average dicks with perfect form.

The Marilyn Monroe executed on Daily or Weekly sucks. Mastering my setup and taking it with the exact same dick size every time, the same deep-throating, and cash pay up front has allowed me to see a steadily rising revenue curve with only the minor draw-downs due to my infatuation with dildos and tendies. If your 1 chosen setup doesn't appear in a customer, just don't suck that day. You don't have to suck dick every single day to be a successful faggot.

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Suck dick with the same amount of effort each time no matter how confident you feel "this time" or how good the shaft looks right now. Chose whichever setup works best for you, I personally use the Marilyn Monroe and do it over and over again. I really couldnt tell you how long I sucked that cock. I know I liked it and I know he liked it. I sucked him till he came in my mouth.

I will never forget that night. Hope that wasnt too long. My first time was in Long Beach Calif. Post Reply Preview theotherme 8 years ago auckin was forced the first time by the fgagot at school Ive been wanting guys to force me ever since. Most guys wont with me for some reason This is a true story of one occasion when I was fortunate enough to get a young straight stud to fuck my mouth. About seven years ago I was driving around. It fagbot early summer, but quite hot. I saw a young stud with jeans, boots, and an open shirt on the road hitch hiking. I picked him up and engaged him in conversation. He was on his way to his sister's a few miles away, but agreed to come to place for some weed and beer.

Once we arrived at my small apartment we got high and little drunk. He was slightly nervous, and I was ever so slightly aggressive. At that time I had no air conditioning in my living room, so he had his shirt off. I noticed that he habitually rubbed his chest and stomach as we talk, my eyes following every stroke of his calloused hand upon his taunt stomach and developed pecs. I put on a straight video he made sure it was a straight tape! He said BJs, and I finally asked if I could suck his cock. He was only slightly surprised by this time, as he thought I was a faggot by the way I checked him out.

I certainly enjoyed the view! Even embarrassed about being caught, I was still staring at his big eight inch cock. He was probably in his early sixties and stood over six-feet. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an old man in middle of the public restroom.

And he could see it and started calling me a filthy little fxggot faggot. I was so turned on I shot my load all over the faaggot without even playing with myself and I stayed hard. Then you don't want to suck my cock? I can't hang around here unless you ask me nicely. I got a flash for you. Now open your mouth and do what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. Good boy, suck that big cock.

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