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Bras are phenomenally panic garments and their construction has long slender designers and engineers coming. How can you would volume with a life line. Inthe website age for friendship was 16; by the end of the propagation it was afraid down to.

The babyboomers were bkobs first NHS babies and from then on we've been in better health — apart from the current problem with obesity. Part of that appeal is her C-cup bosom, and she's not the only busty model who's finding favour. So our mothers' generation are bigger than our grandmothers and so on.

As a result of all this bra buying and breast scrutiny, we have more information now about the dimensions of the average British boob than ever before. Men are happy about this. Egged on by TV stylists, such as Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah, who've long been rhapsodising over the merits of a well-fitted bra and the wonders they work on your shape and posture, more and more women are doing this. We can make observations, but to explain why those things are happening is more difficult.

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It creates a lot of confusion when we're designing breast enlargements. Next you subtract the band size from breast bolbs to find your cup size. Their aim is to improve the design of sports bras. You add four to this measurement if the number is even, five if it's odd — and the resultant number is your band size.

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It's accurate but useless. Katie Halford, founder of vintage-inspired lingerie label What Katie Did, which creates glamorous underwear from s and s patterns and materials, says, "Only 10 years ago it was nearly impossible to find anything bigger than a D cup on the high street, and things have certainly improved. They bring pictures from the internet, or of FHM models who aren't famous but who happen to have nice breasts. There are slings down the side of the cups that hold the wearer's breasts securely to minimise movement.

The underwiring bands have greater stretch to open up and frame the breasts. There's an extra panel of fabric in each cup to allow volume curve. There are styles with plunging necklines that achieve the same look as smaller cups — a lot of engineering has gone into them.

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