Techniques for giving a women a vaginal orgasm

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Vaginal Orgasms: How To Experience Full Body Orgasmic Bliss

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The Right Spot Having a vaginal orgasm oorgasm slightly different for every woman. More advice about making her orgasm. Others need intense stimulation on their G Spot on the anterior wall if they want a vaginal orgasm [ 3 ]. If you want a more detailed guide on how to find it, then read this in-depth report.

Some women need intense stimulation on their A Spot this fir also orgam other names such as the Deep Spot, the anterior fornix erogenous zone or the AFE. This is glving the anterior wall of your vagina just like your G Vgainal but is deeper. You can see its location below. However, vaginap might find other spots to be pleasurable as sensitivity in the vagina varies. Finding out what kind of womsn you need for a vaginal orgasm depends on your body and preferences. Are fr already close to having a vaginal orgasm during sex with your man? Do you feel that you are at the absolute edge, but you just need a tiny nudge to get over the edge and climax vaginally?

Check it out here to learn how. If you answered yes and do regularly get close to orgasming vaginally during sex, then you can probably skip straight to the vaginal orgasm techniques, by clicking here. Almost all women who struggle to have vaginal orgasms share the same problem. These blocks include things like: These things seem obvious, right? Putting pressure on yourself to orgasm is obviously going to work against you and make it harder to cum. Having past negative experiences like an abusive boyfriend who only cared about his own pleasure can make it difficult for you to focus on your own sexual gratification in new relationships.

Having a vaginal orgasm will become far easier if you can get yourself into a relaxed state of mind, unencumbered by stress or worry or performance anxiety. Now, instead of devoting this entire article to mental obstacles, I have created a guide that will teach you strategies to overcome these blocks so that you can more easily orgasm. You just need to maneuver your dildo into place so that you can start stimulating that spot. Vaginal Orgasm Techniques 1. Is your dildo pointing upwards, downwards or slightly into the side of your vagina?

Once you figure this out, you can then replicate this angle with your man during sex.

Giving Techniques a vaginal a for orgasm women

And if you need help finding a position that mimics the angle you enjoy most, then you will find over different sex positions that you can try out here. There is a silly myth floating around that deeper is always better. This is certainly true for some women [ 6 ] [ 7 ], but NOT for all. The G Spot is between two and three inches deep in your vagina, so if you need G Spot stimulation to bring you over the edge, then you may not need particularly deep penetration at all.

However, there is also an area much deeper in your vagina called the A Spot. Some women have intense, full body orgasms when this part of their vafinal is stimulated. Another myth that perpetuates is that faster is always better. You probably already know how untrue this is. It can of course be a tricky subject to raise, so ask her about it in a casual way. Just try and get her to discuss them by opening a general conversation about orgasms. Perhaps start by discussing your own orgasms first. There is a chance that she has never experienced one and would like to, but never felt she could raise it with you.

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Techniqufs may have Technlques a few in her lifetime gviing would like to have them more often. Do not be alarmed if she admits that she has never had one or does not have them often; this simply sets up the fun challenge to experiment with different techniques. It is important that you do not set out orgassm a serious journey to make her have a vaginal orgasm. This would actually work to prevent it from happening. Keep things light, experimental and fun. Get talking If you have not already done so, try and discuss vaginal orgasms with your partner. In order to understand how to do this, it can help for you to think about what is required for you to get turned on.

If you then think in more detail about what you need to see, feel and experience to get sexually excited; then you can get some ideas about what you can do for her. The Clitoral Area Clitoral stimulation is a fundamental component of a vaginal orgasm and creates the spark to ignite it. It is made up of erectile tissue and is filled with thousands of tightly packed nerve endings. It is the sheer orgasmic power of the clitoris that physiologically sets the scene for vaginal orgasm. When combined with penetration, the body erupts and contractions travel beyond the clitoral area and trigger the vagina.

The Vagina Physiologically, the vagina has very few nerve endings and most of these are located in the lower third section of the vaginal canal. The Mind The Mind is the most important aspect of a vaginal orgasm. Working the Mind The mindset required for an orgasm will vary from woman to woman and you should take the time to learn what turns her on. Our Tantric Sex section has various exercises which you can work through with your partner, in order to learn more about what your woman likes. These are some common feelings women experience when they are ripe for vaginal orgasm: You have many options at your fingertips to get her in the right mindset.

Here are some ideas: If she drinks alcohol, grab her favourite tipple. Dancing and music are great for getting in a fun relaxed mood.

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