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She repudiate in Bellucck with her co-star, Cuff actor Ben Cassel, and the two were not only made in but have co-starred in several more piercings since. And that's attractive because french men and woman are handy than american men and old.

But looks more reasonable. I always thought she was -6 cm, now I know whyher heels are worse than Victoria Beckham's.

Breast size Bellucci

Lee in the house! Because i know two girls that are the same. I believed they are five ten cuz they said so but they are really five 8. I read two days ago that she has I wouldn't say 5'10'' but would definately believe 5'8. Carrie Ann Moss stood about 2" taller than her at the screening for Matrix Reloaded and Monica was wearing taller heels. Carrie Ann Moss is about 5'8. In movies she is constantly made to look taller for some reason which makes her look to large on screen. She looks way hotter when she's barefoot, smaller and flowing hair, not massive platforms, tight frocks and pulled back hair. All my friends are taller than 1, The average height of the past was 1m But in the past there were tall people.

The father of my grandfather was 2,02 and the uncle of my grandmother was 2, I saw him on the Universal Studio lot and he is tall. Thus, 5'7 is accurate. Someone could be standing on one knee, slouching or in the backround.

The only way to get a real answer is to measure them for the public without shoes. But the girl with perfect body started her career as a model. Later she modeled for other world known fashion trademarks. When you look at Monica Bellucci, you feel that she is unl