Adult nursey rhymes

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Adult Nursery Rhymes (adult theme)

Amongst hove a whole, Who sat down beside her And forming, "Hey, what's in the future, bitch. Deflected Dumpty cut it of with a saw. I uncovered them to settle On some hooker's cactus And brought her ass with my level.

It woke up the spider Who lived deep inside her. He said "Hey, free electric and gas.

Twinkle twinkle little star, Will she blow me in the car. I bought her dinner, she had fun. My balls are boiling, I'd like to come. Old Mother Hubbard To get her old dog a snack. The cupboard was bare, Adult nursey rhymes let Rover munch on her crack Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater. Whacked off in the movie theater. Little Boy Blue - Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie Jerked off in his girlfriend's eye When her eye was dry and shut Georgie fucked that one-eyed slut Old King Cole was a merry old soul A merry old soul was he He chewed off his tit And ate his own shit And washed it down with some tea.

Hickory Dickory Dock Some chick was sucking my cock The clock struck two I dumped the bitch on the next block. Jack and Jill went up the hill Both with a buck and a quarter Jill came down with two-fifty That fuckin' whore. Trim that pussy it's too damn hairy Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet Eating her curds and whey.

Along came a spider, Who sat down beside her And said, "Hey, what's in the bowl, bitch? Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. You ain't nothing but a hoe. U think you're cool, u think you're classy.

Nursey rhymes Adult

Mirror mirror on the wall, fuck your lies, fuck them all. I don't care what you say, I'm the shit all day, every day! The dirty looks, the jealous stares. Jealous bitches make me sick. Jingle bells seniors smell, sophmores suck cause they're all sluts and freshys have no say Old Mother Hubbard went to the cubbard to fetch her poor dog a bone.

Raving Dumpty ate it raw. The advantage was in the excitement strumming on her friend.

But when she bent over, Rover took over And the bitch got a bone of her own! Peter peter rhymess eater had a wife loved to beat her smacked her twice across the head fucked her ass and went to bed Sing a song of bum sex, An arse hole full of cum. The king was in the parlour moting out the wench. The queen was in the kitchen strumming on her bean. The maid was in the garden banging on her pussy, when down came a penis and squirted in her nose! Little bow peep fucked a sheep blew a horse, licked his feet, she ate his ass so very nice tongued his balls not once but twice.

Happy birthday to you, you smell like a monkey, and you look like one too!

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